Anyone from California?


Specifically L.A., Considering a move. All I need to be happy, aside from my family, is internet, a place to cook,and a place to wash. I don’t own a car so that’s not an issue, and I already have somewhere to stay. The GF is hesitant on moving there from MD. Sell her on it as I want to go.


Louisiana or Los Angeles?

= P

Depends on where in Orange County / LA County you are going.


In Louisiana, internet is not guaranteed in new homes.


Theme Parks:

6 flags
Knotts Berry Farm
Universal Studios


Too many to list, there are so many “Downtown” areas in SoCal that it is kinda insane. Essentially there are places to go and things to do at any hour of any day.


Santa Monica
Seal Beach
Doheny State Beach


Catalina Island
San Diego is fairly close
Northern California is about 7h by road away
Big Bear Mountain - Skiing
Mammoth Mountin is about 6h away
Las Vegas is about 3-4h away

When you want to know what is available to do in SoCal it is usually easier to ask what you want then get told where it is or list what isn’t available.

There is so much to do you can’t do it all in a reasonable amount of time.


I should have been more specific,Los Angeles, near downtown.


I lived in downtown LA for a year, here:

Great spot. I had a bad ass loft there which was awesome for being single but you really need doors to be in a healthy relationship haha…

I loved downtown LA though. So many great spots to walk to which is super rare for LA. It’s located in the heart of greater LA so most people will meet there anywhere and you end up being the only one that doesn’t have to drive an hour in traffic to go out. Plus you get to stumble home.

Walking to LA Live and seeing concerts, NBA games, etc. was awesome too. Plus E3! However, it might be moving next year.


I actually grew up and currently live in Orange County. I can answer all questions about the OC if you want to PM me. If you are looking for a safe, family-raising place, Orange County fits the bill.


Like what are you talking, driving / walking distance? Types of things to do? Because again there is literally anything you want in california, as there should be. We have the taxes to enable it!


Move to Austin, TX! Everyone from LA’s moving here anyways.


Just move to New England, greatest place on earth :stuck_out_tongue: