Anyone getting H1Z1?


Any members planning on picking this up tomorrow? If launch and reviews are decent I will be looking for some others to group up with.

So does anyone here play H1Z1?

So many letters and numbers. What does it all mean.

I really haven’t looked at this, but I never did jump on the zombie bandwagon beyond L4D. I have a Station account. Maybe I’ll do some research.

Edit - Seems this is only a Steam game, not a Station game? And will eventually be on PS4.


I’m personally skipping it; if I snag any zombie games this month it’s going to be Dying Light. My “goof-off” budget got blown over December, so I’m not even sure I’ll be getting that one unless something changes for me.


i was thinking about it…but dying light does look pretty awesome too. i can’t do both, so i’ll do some research too


I definitely want to. I watched a bit of itmejp on Twitch play it while he was visiting their offices, and it looked pretty cool. I can only imagine what it’s going to turn into.

I will be frank, however; I’m growing weary of the zombie formula now. :frowning:


I don’t know, it looks really cool but the “Early Access” is turning me off.
After DisappointmentZ I just don’t have much faith.


Yeah…lol I hear ya!


Early Access…no thanks. Pre-order? No thanks. I want to pay full price for a completed game, so tired of this early access shenanigans.


I think we’re going to see the pendulum of pre-orders swing the opposite way in 2015.


I really hope so @Vocino, a lot of gamers complain about games not being complete and broken day one. But they don’t realize it’s not the big game companies that decide where the industry goes, it’s all of us. Our demand steers this mighty ship, only we can change the path the industry is on.


Absolutely. If pre-orders decline in a significant way, publishers will realize that the end product is what is going to sink or float a release. I really think 2013 was easy mode for a lot of these publishers with pre-orders to the point where in 2014 developers were under enormous pressure to release games early behind marketing.


I think Early Access will only become more popular. Everyone gets hyped up for games and then they just don’t want to wait. They’re willing to pay for a taste of it, I’m pretty guilty of that myself.

Early Access and Pre Orders in 2015

Watching a guy stream H1Z1 now. Still undecided on this game.

Definitely undecided if I want to play PvP. I don’t watch a lot of The Walking Dead.


@dontcallmejames where you having issues with it last night? It kept saying you were playing, then you weren’t, then you were and so on…


yeah, i never got in to play. was getting the same login error that everyone else was getting. seems like they’ve fixed that issue, but now there’s this whole pay2win problem they’re going to be dealing with.

for those that don’t know what pay2win issue is, here’s a summary:
for months, if not longer, John Smedley (head of SOE) has been saying that the airdrop crates that you can purchase with real money would only contain cosmetic items. he would then stress that all weapons and ammo would have to be found or crafted, and that this is not a pay2win type scenario. this same sentiment was echoed in interview after interview and even in a showcase demo 8 days ago. Then on launch day they made a decision to include weapons and ammo in the loot tables for the airdrop crates. This was only discovered by the community by watching one of the twitch streamers that was lucky enough to get in game. his first airdrop he got a bunch of weapons and ammo, and i think landmines. when the community went crazy on reddit and other sites, that’s when Smedley announced the 180 degree change of mind. it’s not sitting well with the community right now. i’m not sure how i feel about it either. i’m definitely more of a casual player, but i can see a hardcore player just dominating an entire server by paying a ton of money.

i foresee a change to this policy before full release, or even before beta. there’s just way too much backlash for it to not be addressed.


G99 for the win. :smile:


Well, let’s remember, this is ALPHA not a final product launch. If they want to get some testing done on weapons early and/or with a full server then this is a good way to do without having to wait for people to discover the right crafting combinations or loot a gun.

These are the early access things gamers should be aware of. I would imagine these crates will NOT have weapons in the final launch version, but right now, it’s probably good for testing.


This same logic was used with archeage.

This also isn’t some small developer.

The game is supposed to be a free to play model, I suggest people play for a bit before doing the same thing they did with archeage and spend hundreds before even logging in.


Between this and Landmark, I bet SOE is raking in the Early Access cash.

I’m watching a stream now where the zombies aren’t even attacking on his server. Guy calls in his air drop, it opens with supplies and 3ish zombies inside, but he just walks up and grabs his stuff.