Anyone going to watch this tomorrow: The Game Awards

So…The Game Awards 2014 are going to be on tomorrow…

Its produced by Geoff Keighley, this guy:

And its the phoenix that rose from the ashes of such treasures as the VGAs and VGX.

I would totally go to this thing in Las Vegas tomorrow, but I don’t want to pay $45 to get in. I want to try and swing some free tickets or something, but I don’t see that happening…

Anyway, PlayStation is going to (stupidly) show off some stuff there, since they are already having their own convention the very next day in the same city. I don’t know how many of you are tuned in to this kind of thing.


I’ll check it out for sure, thanks for the reminder

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@PittInjury, you should start a thread that has live updates from the PS Experience. We can market it around.


Didn’t even know this was on, thanks for letting me know, will def have to check it out

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I am totally willing to do this! Hopefully there will be enough signal for my iPad and/or my phone. Any suggestions on structuring?

Also, I mean, the awards show might be cool. Its pretty much going to be ads for new video games with a pat on the back to whoever shows up IMO (just like VGX was last year). I don’t care much for Mr. Keighley, but then again, I’ve never met the guy.

EDIT: It looks like if you have any sort of gaming device connected to the internet, you will be able to watch it via streaming…

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I can totally embed tweets to my guild's forum, right?

— Nick PittInjury (@PittInjury) December 4, 2014

Hmm…thats what my tweet looks like when I try an embed…not exactly what I had in mind. I may have to try something else for live updating…

Edit: attempt #2

It’s not terrible?

no, but I was thinking it would look like an actual tweet…

We’ll see what @tommy2118 can whip up!

Dang, now I’m kinda nervous! I may have to get to the keynote super early, because only the first 5,500 people get to go in, and I’m in no way a press member…

You are doing an awesome service. I wish I wasn’t so busy. Maybe we can hit the next big event!

i hope so! I am flat broke as it is, and the only reason I can go to this is because i’m driving and staying with relatives.

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