Anyone have a Corsair 600T case? I'm trying to find replacement fans


I have a Corsair 600T case and I’m looking for some replacement fans. I have a Corsair H100i watercooler for the CPU on top with 2 smaller fans pulling air out. I need a slim 200mm fan for the front but I can’t seem to find anything that fits.

I just ordered 2 new GTX980s so I need to cool this baby down!

Here’s reference for the front 200mm fan:

Fan Cooled vs. Water Cooled

You son of a gun.


Upon further research, apparently if I consolidate to one drive tray and then move it closer to the power supply (away from the fan), I can fit a pretty nice 200mm fan in there.

Unfortunately, I had to buy new drives to accommodate that switch. Went with 2 500GB SSDs and 1 4TB Hybrid SSHD. That will fit in the 1 bay, 3 slots, and over far enough.

These projects always turn into a money sink once you get going :money_with_wings:


What brand of 980’s did you get? They make liquid cooling plates for graphics cards if your worried about temp issues. You would have to do a little extra work unlike the pre-made corsair one (which I have been eyeing for my rig). But I would think in the long run you could run your cards harder and longer.


Went with 2 ASUS STRIX GTX980s. I’ve heard great things about the STRIX line. As far as full water cooling, I once made a fully custom water cooling rig and it was nothing but problems. I know things have come a long way since then but I don’t know if I want to go that route just yet.


Damn, I just saw that NewEgg finally got the ASUS POSEIDON-GTX980-P-4GD5 back in stock. Maybe I should go with those instead. Argh!


That’s a tough choice. I like that the poseidon can be water cooled right out of the box, but then the other strix card has silent fans. Decisions decisions! Also making me very jealous of going dual 980’s, now all I have to do is convince my wife to let me…tell me how you did it! PLEASE!!! :smiley:


Gamer wife, nuff said :wink: