Anyone heard about Echo of Soul?



Echo of Soul


Echo of Soul is a huge, immersive MMORPG full of breathtaking scenery and fantastical creatures. This wondrous world is threatened by the creeping corruption of the Shadow Soul, a remnant of evil following the great war between the Gods and the Giants. Odin, king of the Gods, has chosen mortals known as Soulkeepers to maintain balance in the world.

Developed by key members of the team behind the award-winning MMO Lineage II, Echo of Soul has been hugely successful in Asian markets since its release in 2013. It offers an immersive experience full of rich visuals, epic music, and vast, detailed landscapes. With a wide array of robust PvE and PvP options, players have the power to tailor their experience to play exactly how they want, when they want.

Key Features

With 57 unique styles of maps to explore and more than 1,600 quests to complete, Echo of Soul offers endless adventure in a truly massive world.

As the Gods’ chosen ones, players will join the ranks of the Soulkeepers as one of five different classes:

  • Warrior
  • Archer
  • Rogue
  • Guardian
  • Sorceress

PvP fanatics can compete in battlefields, arenas, and guild wars. The ability to level up through both PvE and PvP ensures that players can spend all their time on just the content that they enjoy.

Players may customize their chosen class with multiple specializations that significantly change the way the class plays. To customize even further, players can collect Chaos Souls from their fallen enemies and use them to strengthen their abilities, activate buffs, or craft useful items.

Dozens of dungeons offer the chance to test the tenacity of solo players or the teamwork of parties. Echo of Soul features a unique battle system that removes the healer role from parties, allowing all players to be directly involved in combat and adding an extra layer of strategy as parties must work together to keep each other alive.

Players can also keep up with Echo of Soul on-the-go with a dedicated mobile app, including chat and item trading features. In just a few taps, players can access their in-game auctions, manage their inventory, and chat with their friends.

Set to launch on PC in May 2015, Echo of Soul will be free-to-play and free to download. MMO fans can register for the closed beta and stay up-to-date on news surrounding the game via the official website, Facebook page, Twitter, and YouTube.

Strats Weekly - 11 May 2015 @ 9PM Eastern (6PM Pacific) + Echo of Soul Giveaway

It sounds like it covers all of the bases. I might have to check this out.


Pretty stunned I’ve never heard of this, even more so since this post is a month old. I’m losing my touch.