Anyone heard of Prismata before today?


Found this on reddit, looks to be pretty neat and right up our alley:


Haven’t watched the video yet but I approve of the outfits.


There are a lot of online TCGs out there nowadays. I’ve been following this one a little since it was on kickstarter. They tout it as an online TCG MMO, which also sounds like it’s right up our alley!

Hex: Shards of Fate


I’m afraid of TCG’s… especially online ones. I just can’t help myself buying “one more pack”. Hearthstone sure showed me my lack of control.


I’m totally the opposite. I was able to pay for Naxx with coins only and a little patience. For me, if you can earn the cards you want, then there is always a goal to attain. Either that, or I’m just poor, :wink:


There are no decks in Prismata, so there’s absolutely no cost. They plan to sell avatars, emotes, and the like, but nothing pay to win or needed to play the game.


That’s right up my alley. I love board games and card games (Arkham Horror being my favorite board game). I’d be more than happy to play Prismata with you guys


Arkham Horror is best horror :wink: You should also check out Betrayal at House on the Hill


This may very well be the greatest necro in Strats history.

Prismata has gone free-to-play on Steam as of today and is totally worth checking out if you’re into strategy card games. No game-altering mechanics for sale, only cosmetic whatnots; you win by outwitting your opponent on an even playing field, and nothing more.

The devs are streaming all afternoon, it seems


Wow, I remember seeing this a while back on reddit. Really early on in the dev. They still had “developer art” and an obnoxious UI. Neat to see it more fully fleshed out.


Really, at this point they’re just adding new units from time to time and expanding the single-player content; the multiplayer has been rock solid for years. Highly recommended.