Anyone here a League player?

I’m just curious if anyone here plays Riot Games’ “League of Legends?”

I play league!

Silver 5 on EUW, I’m a support main :smiley:

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Nice Nice :slight_smile: I personally am a Gold 2 Player on NA; I main mid/Jungle :stuck_out_tongue:

We have a few LoL players but they’re all asleep right now. I’m too old and/or too terrible at the game to enjoy it :wink:

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I could teach yah if you wanted haha I can understand if people aren’t into the game though. The community can be a little…Intense at times~ :stuck_out_tongue: to say the least

I got Plat in S2 but I quit and ended up getting demoted to Gold. I still play League a bit, but mostly just with people I knew in highschool or girls.

Dota2 is honestly the better game all around. Nicer player base too

AcheAge seems to be Dota the MMO

Not trying to start an argument here but i don’t think i can agree with your second line. However you may be true about the player base :stuck_out_tongue:

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No, but i play Dota 2 :smiley:

So LoL players, who do you main, and where? >:3

I play mostly Sona or Morgana at the moment as Supports. I’m looking at buying Gnar next too

I main katarina mid for about 2 or 3 years now. Pretty cliche huh?

I play Khazix, lee sin, twisted fate and Braum the manly man! :slight_smile:

i dont play that much of League of legends, but i do play quite a bit of Dota 2, just pointing out a negative thing with it is that the playerbase of Dota can be as toxic as the playerbase of League. unfortunately i would like to add. its a shame that these games grow big and then turn toxic because of peoples attitude towards one another. and unfortunately it is because of younger people thinking that then are better than everyone (older people can do this too, but its not as frequent)

Lee Sin, Twisted Fate, Braum

Cool champions, I love your tas-



I play too much ;-;

We got both Dota and LoL players hop on mumble if you want to play with us! We are moba addicts

I play on NA… I’m pretty good. Silver two currently.

Toxic is the word you’re looking for :wink: In S3 I was a silver 2(?) support. My main was Nami by far but I played well on everything except Zilean. These days I just play ARAMs once in a while for a change of pace. In general I just got sick of the toxicity in the playerbase in MOBAs and have given them up.

I’m every everyone has played LoL before. Right now it’s the question of who still plays. I am stuck in silver currently -.-

I play league on and off cause I can get burned out on it after a while. Plat ADC/Jungle main on NA :smile:

Currently Level 30 but was turned off by the community and lack of friends who play to attempt rank alot and such but still currently play the game main Gangplank top but like to occasionally take him mid for some AP action. Also currently learning Pantheon/Mantheon mid, and dabble a bit down bot with Graves and Lucian(mid as well with him at least).