Anyone here involved in SMITE?


Hey guys! I love SMITE. It’s my favorite MOBA. I was just wondering if anyone here shared the same love for it? I haven’t found a single post on it yet!


A few of us have talked about it before, it doesn’t seem like too many guys play it here but I’ve been watching a bunch of livestreams over on Twitch.


Yeah, the streamers are pretty awesome! I’ve been involved since the closed Beta so I know plenty! I usually play casuals with the rare league match. Something about the camera angle and the all-skill-shots keep me coming back. :stuck_out_tongue:


I bought the God Pack 2 years ago (or maybe 3? lost track). I revisit the game every couple of months just to catch up on new gods and changes to the old ones. I never did make level 30 in beta and still haven’t maxed out yet but I do enjoy the game.


I think Smite is just about the only Moba I actually like. It just feels like I have much better direct control.


We can setup a group and play sometime


I tried SMITE a long time ago during the beta. It was ok. I’d be down to try it again.