Anyone here ski regularly?


I’m thinking about buying skis (and a snowboard for my wife). We don’t get up to Lake Tahoe as much as we’d like but we’re going in February and will likely go enough to make ownership over rental worth it in the next year.

Anyone here have experience with it? What should I look for? What should I absolutely avoid?

Give me your skiing strats.


Looking at these maybe:


180cm is a big ski, how tall are you in metric? Buy a ski around 10-15cm shorter than you are.


I hadn’t actually selected the size, thats just what Amazon put there. However I do need a tall ski as I’m 6’4".

Tommy's pretty short

About 195cm :ninjaneer:


Length of ski also depends on skill. A shorter ski will be easier to maneuver over a longer ski :smiley:.

I went from renter to owner 2 years ago with a Snowboard…removing the renting hassle at the mountain alone is worth it.


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