Anyone here still use a computer?

Just seems Strats these days is more PS4 oriented.

Anyone still play PC multiplayer games?

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The newer games I’ve purchased have been PS4 but I use my PC and Mac daily. We are also doing a Civ multiplayer game sometime tonight I think.

I am on mumble all the time playing warcraft/single players. Nothing exciting on pc right now for multi.

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I’m pretty much PC only

I still play League on occasion, but my multitude of steam titles are dusty from getting a ps4 last year.

I do when I can find people to play with :stuck_out_tongue:

I play a majority of the time on the PC with Steam and Origin, usually only buy console exclusives titles for consoles.

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I’m mostly PC/XB360.

Im on 7 days to die all the time

I know you are and I see you on steam all the time but I am very intimidated by the idea of playing with a large group of people who are a lot better and a lot more learned in general than I am xD

no, you got the wrong thought process. Play with them, let them carry you, when things go bad move to the back of the group.


I just play on a PVE server cause Im all about building stuff. Not so much about battling people.