Anyone in the Seattle area?


Most likely going to be there next week.


Got some Marine buddies you could hit up :wink:


Depending on the day i could get there fairly easily. Middle of the week is best, have to work the weekends.


Huehuehue, drove past your offices yesterday on my way outta the city. Such bad traffic. Do you normally stay downtown?


Yeah if I’m staying for more than one night I’ll stay more towards the water. If I’m there for like one meeting I’ll just stay at the Courtyard Marriot next door.


Shit. I’m just south of the Seattle-Tacoma Airport!


I live about 5 to 10 mins from the hotel you are talking about just off of Southlake Union. Asuming its the one across from Art Marble there are a lot of Marriotts in town. Next week might be crazy busy for me at work but give me some times and dates and I might be able to make something work out. I Work 8 to 5 down in Kent.


When you swinging through the Facebook Vancouver offices? The ones I didn’t know existed until LinkedIn told me I fit a role that is being filled.


Probably not soon as there isn’t a big product development presence there.


Well that’s a darn shame.


Yeah it is. I love Vancouver.


I’d like this, but I’m out of likes today.