Anyone installed the Windows 10 preview?



Thinking about giving it a shot.


I would have to look up some reviews first.


I don’t have an experimental rig anymore (and I was not impressed with the last RC I tried cough Windows 8 cough) so I’m letting everyone else make a go at this one :wink:



Good man. Take a chance on Windows. I hear they make great phones too!


Can’t wait to hear how it is.


Although I work on Macs 100% of my professional life, I’m actually quite bullish on Microsoft. I even bought some MSFT earlier in the year. I think it’s a great buy if you can grab a limit order at the right price.

Their issue right now is solving their iPod problem. Apple’s strategy with the first iPod was simple: build an ecosystem around our best product.

That’s what Microsoft needs to do with Xbox. If they can bridge the gap between Xbox, Windows, Phone, and Surface, they will be in a position to finally start challenging Apple on hardware.


There’s always next generation

#PS4Life :wink:


I agree with you @Auth. Microsoft has the ability to make a full-circle ecosystem though. I just wish they made better decisions in the short term.

We should be buying a license to the game and fluidly playing on Xbox and Windows with companion apps on Phone. I’m not quite sure why they don’t target gamers to start this movement in the same way Apple targeted music lovers.

They have all the components. Just connect the dots!


Lack of support and ultimately removing the Games for Windows Live service was a big failure. There’s nothing to connect the PC/Windows to Xbox & mobile.


From what I understand you’re going to be able to stream Xbox games to your PC. That’s at least a step in the right direction. Of course, it makes about 5000x more sense to do the reverse but I’m guessing allowing PC games to be streamed to Xbox is highly encumbered by license agreements with game publishers. There’s probably also some major piracy fear there too.


I’ve got it installed in a VM on my mac and has been good so far in limited amount i’ve used. Like it a lot better than when I tried 8 out. Feels much more streamlined and snappier in my VM than 8.1 on my wife’s PC.


Windows 10 is installed. It looks really nice. The start menu is back with a vengeance and the metro home screen is dead.

The installation was dead simple but took a pretty long time even on a 6gb/s SSD.


Ever since the rumors about getting a free upgrade to Win10, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of it. It looks like they went back to a Win7 platform, with some Metro accents in it, which is how it should have been from the beginning. Metro should have stayed a mobile platform only.

The only reason I’d be nervous about upgrading this early is compatibility for my games and any other technical driver issues I might run into. I’m sure I could get a new HDD, install it and have it run the new mode, but it’s just a lot of hassle.

Are you running into any compatibility issues at all? Not counting any that can be solved with “run in compat” mode.


I’m downloading it now. I’m a sucker for new tech. :smile:


I’ll never download a preview without a VM after the ugly experience in 8’s preview. @ghosthog knows what’s up.


yea I thought about dual booting but too risky


I’m interested in it. I’m in desperate need of a format