Anyone interested in leading the Destiny Strats guild?



Put your hat in the ring!


I plan on being pretty involved in that game on my downtime and will take a leadership role if you need me too.


I’m also trying to figure out exactly how guilds work in Destiny. There doesn’t seem to be too much information out there about it.


I wouldn’t like to be the leader, but I plan on playing a lot. Let me now how to find it and add me on PSN. I’m Dynamible.


Is there any cross-platform compatibility between Xbox1 and PS4?


I don’t believe so. Microsoft hates everyone with their Xbox Live subscription shit.


I thought PS4 was transitioning to a similar multiplayer paid subscription plan as well?


Yeah, but it costs less and also isn’t Microsoft.

Sets up in the PS4 corner, prepared for battle


I opened my mouth to defend my xbox one… But I remembered its lack or games and over hyped kinect.

I should have got a PS4.


It’s okay @tommy2118, at least it didn’t…cost…as…much…


Ok, since no one has started the clan I will. I see a lot of clans started already and would like to lead it after doing some research. I can start it now, if there are no objections.


Hey @Dynamible, the only reason we haven’t is because of the beta situation. We’re on it though. Give me a couple days before starting it if that’s cool. Thanks!


Well shoot. I just started it, as I’m sure your reading now. There are a ton of clan on it already.


Is this for PS4? Xbox? I’m not familiar with where the interface for creating it is. Also, can we assume this data will be wiped after beta.

Your lack of an avatar makes people assume you’re a brand new member although I know you’ve posted a lot.


The clans can be made to join Xbox and PSN, so one clan in all that is needed. Admins can be used to head each system to make it easier. I can get an avatar as well.


I have been an officer in a lot of the guilds I have been a part of. Mainly either a Raid leader or community manager. I have run a guild before and prefer being an officer over a leader. I would love to help the leader out as much as possible though. This group of people seems like an amazing group and I plan on helping as much as I can.


Hey there, welcome @NegativeKelvin.


Hi @Vocino! I tend to game for the community attached to the game just as much for the gameplay itself. I must say that the organization and maturity of Strats has really been a shining light that has brought me closer and closer to your shores. If any of you are active on, reddit, or you might know me as Cylence.


Thanks for the kind words. That’s exactly why we originally created this thing—we wanted to stay a community past the lifespan of the hot new multiplayer game of right now. I think it’s worked out really well and we continue to grow steadily.

I set up an account on but I’m not really sure what the point of that site is considering Bungie has a whole official infrastructure for clans.


It was mainly created before bungie got their clans setup but the community has kept it alive. People use it because it has a live chat function for people to hang out in.