Anyone interested in ReCore?

I first noticed this game when I visited Gamestop a few weeks ago but the salesperson really couldn’t tell me much about it. My son saw it for pre-order on the XB1 and I just might grab it.

ReCore is labled as an action-adventure game from the Metroid Prime team. From watching the trailers it looks like you control a team of robots and when you defeat enemy robots you take their “cores”. Maybe these power your own robots.

It is definitely a platformer-style game. I believe I read some comparisons to Mega-Man on the preorder page.

This title is one of Microsoft’s “Play Anywhere” games where you buy the game once and can play the game on either XB1 or Win10. Saves are cross-platform. Since this is a new IP Microsoft is only charging $40. The game launches on Sept 13.

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I am indeed interested in this game. I will be picking it up launch day

Plus one. Had my reservations at first, but planning to try and play this before horizon 3, but we’ll see.

As I understand it the play anywhere on applies to digital windows/Xbox store purchases. Kinda annoying but i get it.

Wow, this looks like a beautiful game!

Def looks interesting. Been checking it out for a while as well. Though I think it’s one I’ll be waiting to pick up.

My four-year-old son completed the tutorial tonight. He needed just a little help beating the boss, otherwise he did it all himself. At least he has the achievement on his account.

He’s actually farther along in the game than I am right now. By just a few minutes.

ReCore has some pretty nifty mechanics. Color-coded enemies who take extra damage if you have the same-color core in your robot companion as well as your gun. If an enemy gives you a status effect such as fire then you have to dash to extinguish yourself, or if you’re stunned by electricity then you wiggle the left stick to break out.

It also has a crafting system for building up your robots.

I think I am going to enjoy this game. Maybe I’ll give a better review in a few days.

How is the loading issue i keep hearing about? Hear some areas can take up to 2mins. Any other technical issues you’ve seen?

I’ve played a little bit on both PC and XB1. I noticed the Xbox appears to suffer from the long load times while I didn’t see any problems on the PC yet.

But long load times should be something that can be fixed. Bloodborne on PS4 had extremely long load times initially and those were fixed with a patch shortly after launch.

Other than that I haven’t seen any problems yet.


How is the game? I have been reading pretty terrible things online but I still plan on picking it up next week when I am free. With the best buy discount I can grab it for $30 so I figured why not.

What terrible things have you read? I haven’t experienced anything terrible and don’t expect to find anything. The IGN review cites that the world is a bit too large, requiring you to backtrack toward the end. It also mentions the load times and some framerate issues on the XB1.

I now have the game installed on both of my PCs at home. My second PC is an i5-3570 with 16GB RAM and a 660Ti video card. It runs the game well on medium settings.

I just think the game is fun. It’s got action, platforming, and a really neat combat system. With crafting.

That is good news then because I was really looking forward to this game, I just read the IGN review on break and it was about what I was expecting. There were two reviews I read early on that just ripped the game talking about how it was broken and such. I’ll have to see if I can dig them up.

Action, platforming, and a neat combat system is all I can ask for :grin:

I plan on beginning my adventure in ReCore tonight :1up:

As if by magic, there is an update coming to address the long load times.

Sounds exactly like the Bloodborne issue.


Bringing this thread back.

I finally took the time this morning to finish Recore. I never fininshed it at launch because my boy deleted my progress, and also some minor frustrations with the game itself.

The final mission of the game is gated by both character levels and gathering enough items from throughout the world. That was slightly frustrating to me when I was finally ready to complete the game but learned I still had to grind a few levels as well as collect a few more items.

I would say the hardest thing about this game is the platforming; the actual combat is pretty easy. I do really enjoy the color-coded combat mechanic though.

I believe this game has been discounted to $20. If you ever considered Recore then I would suggest you buy it at this price (original $40).

I finished it in 12 hours.

Edit - It’s possible that some DLC for Recore will be coming soon. There was a 5th corebot which was removed from the game before launch. As a result, some areas of the map are inaccessible since you need that bot to get you there.

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