Anyone interested in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online if/when it comes to PC?

I know absolutely nothing about it. I haven’t played it on a console. Not even single player. But I know GTA Online is pretty fun.

Anyone have interest in this? Apparently there may be announcement that it will drop for holiday season 2019 on PC.

I won’t say “hard pass,” but unlikely; given the option between old west open world shenanigans and modern day open world shenanigans, I’m already well-invested in the latter (both in concept and grind).

I am extremely interested.
I did not play RDR2 because it was console exclusive.
But I did play RDR back in the day and loved the online part of it. I always had a blast.
If this comes to PC, count me in.

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I played the first 2 acts of single player on XBOne, I will definitely pick it up and play RDR2 Online when it comes to PC

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Hard for me to say. Definitely interested in the single player if it ever comes to PC. Will likely try out the online since I’ve generally enjoyed GTA Online, but I’m not sure how the model will translate from GTA to RDR.

I’m tempted… yet the investment of time isn’t one I’m entirely sure I can make. It’s the sole reason I never picked it up on console when it came out.

It’s pretty boring right now

Can you elaborate as to why? Just no content or are the mechanics bad?