Anyone jumped on the Subnautica bandwagon?


So has anyone else played Subnautica? It’s been in development by a small studio for about 2 years, but I just got into it and I absolutely love it! It’s a survival crafting, single player game based in a Water world on an alien planet. For everyone’s enjoyment, I’ve added a short video entitled “what is that?!” Since I’ve crapped my pants several times playing it!


Yes, game is super neat but what I really want is the multiplayer! Think of how fun it would be to take a gang against one of those giant scaries you saw?! :3


I agree kitty! But yet, there’s also a slight part of me that doesn’t want the game to be multiplayer, it’s like there’s a genuine sense of aloneness, that you can’t just ‘phone a friend’ to come help you, you have to do everything yourself. It almost makes it scarier, and take more effort to survive.

But then theres also a slight part of me that wishes I could play with other people. I think a “second” game mode with multiplayer would be cool, where the world is a little different. Make it two different games so to speak


The devs are on the fence about it too, for what it’s worth. I definitely want to see this title get a multiplayer patch/release, and knowing Unknown Worlds (who are one of my favorite companies because they brought one of my favorite games into existence) I’m sure they’ll do right by everyone :wink: