Anyone know of a huge video game wallpaper database?


Do tell. If not, I might have to start one.


I don’t… But that would be awesome!
And I’d help you populate it!


I wonder what we could use for that. Shared Dropbox folder? Hmm…



Well now we just look silly…

The one thing that drives me INSANE about a lot of these websites is they generally have pretty poor filters for searches… Can’t search by resolution or aspect ratio.
Especially when you have a 21:9 monitor, it becomes very difficult.


there were a few others that i found that were similar to the one i linked, but i agree with you @Bradum that these sites have some poor navigation/search capabilities. i used to just get my wallpapers off but even that has become hard to really pinpoint what i’m looking for.


A prime example of “Life is rough” /s :stuck_out_tongue:


Does anyone know where to find good dual screen wallpapers?

Edit: I answered my own question…


Wow that website name is straight to the point isn’t it? :laughing:


One argument could be it’s


Google images is alright…

But you have to weed through so much crap… Sometimes it’s not the resolution, or drags you to some website, or it turns out to be some dude’s screenshot of his desktop background, etc.


Yeah, I agree. I think there’s a potential need here. At least for my own personal use.