Anyone know where I might get a replacement power pack for my Acer Predator Z35P?


I can’t seem to find it from the move. Thinking maybe it is lost forever.

@Auth @Bradum possible you could take a picture of the power specs on the pack?


Edit: I don’t have the X35P, so my brick means nothing to you :frowning:

@Vocino, click this link before 0200 CST.


Yeah. Auth and I both have the X34.


I eventually found a power pack for my Toshiba 2001 on ebay, so if you figure out what you need, there’s still hope someone out there has what you need.

But more likely it’s in a box of cords. You know the one. Or shoved in with a console box, or in a backpack, or a camera bag, etc.


@Vocino, double check your box of cords. I know we have the wireless charging installed, but you should still have the others tucked away somewhere just in case; decent chance it got tossed in there :wink:


Can someone please just check what the wattage is on their ac adapter? I understand it’s not the P. This will greatly help me. Is it 65W or 90W or something specialized? These displays have an internal power supply so I just want to get it as close as I can.




This is what pure love looks like.