Anyone live in the big CO?


Wanted to find out if there are any Colorado folks on here? Would love to do something local. Lemme know.


I do! In Wheat ridge and I attend CU Denver


Ugh I wish! I absolutely fell in love with Colorado while I spent sometime up there this year. Have a possible job prospect up there and would move in a heartbeat.


Yeah I’m addicted to the Colorado life. I went cliff diving with some friends just last weekend and this upcoming one were going mountain biking in Copper. I know a lot of other places have this but to me only Colorado has the best winter life paired with summer life. I got 49 days on Keystone last season and a lot of it has to do with how close the resort is to Denver Tech Center allowing me to get up there and back without missing more then one day. Almost all of my sick days were spent on the mountain last season getting some pow pow.