Anyone on PC looking to check out the new GTA V Online content?



Today Rockstar released their new "Further Adventures in Finance and Felony expansion for GTA V Online, and I definitely plan to check it out.

Any other PCMR folks planning on checking it out as well?

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I’m game. I’m usually available evenings and nights depending on the real life stuff.


I put this on my Steam wish list. I think it was on sale last week but I failed to buy it.


@Bradum I dont have GTAV :frowning:


Get it! It’s great fun!


Will you buy me a copy??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna pass, but now that you have that shockmount, you can stream it for me so i can see what i a missing out on :smiley:


You should own GTA V! Think of it as a game that is better than The Division with vehicles.


I think this is considered an insult now.


I was just looking at buying this game on ebay for cheap…this isn’t shady at all:

"We provide two methods to activate the game:

  1. You send us your steam account name and password, we log with your account
    and activate game. We promise that, we don’t take or use anything of
    your account.

  2. You can also make a new steam account and we activate the
    game on it.we make a new steam account and activate the game on it, then we send account name, password and email data to you, you can change all data and it’s belong to you in the future."