Anyone Own a MacBook Pro w/ Retina?

Okay first off, this is not for gaming. So no PCMASTERACE posts here please.

I’ve been using a MacBook Pro for the past 4 years and I was thinking about upgrading. I was wondering if anyone here owned or work on a MacBook Pro w/ Retina. From what I understand, when they first came about, normal things would look blurry because they weren’t optimized for the high density screen.

Is that still the case today or has most websites/apps been updated to be retina-ready?

I would use it mostly for browsing the web, app development, graphic design, listening to music, watching videos and light video editing.

My professional life revolves around my MacBook Pro Retina. I have a 15" personal and a 17" for work. Once you go retina, you’ll never go back.

Yes, everything looks absolutely amazing and/or you can just max the resolution at 1:1 and have a ridiculous amount of area to work with.

Either way, they are by far the best laptop computers made. Obviously for app development, graphic design, and video editing you can not do better.

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You definitely want to do the spend on the 15. IIRC that’s the one with dedicated memory and hardware for graphics.

@Vocino I had a feeling you were gonna chime in, and I’m glad you did! I didn’t know you could go 1:1 on the retina, that was really useful info actually - helped in my decision to get it. So far so good - display is amazing and the SSD is snappy.

@MrSavage I ended up getting the 13", it was more than enough for my needs… If I was made of money I would’ve gone for the Nvdia 15" but those start at $2,500…

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Cool. I have a 2011 13" MBP. I boosted the Ram to 16GB. It still does what I want. (Photoshop, illustrator, WoW on the road.) I’ll probably update next year to a 13 Retina, or maybe a 13 air.

(I am OS agnostic, right tool for the particular job. I can see boxes running… 5 different OSs right now.)