Anyone plan on playing "Shadow Realms"


New game coming from Bioware, seems pretty cool. Apparently you can play 4 vs 1, one playing as a dark lord controlling what happens to the four players. I signed up for the Alpha, figured I would drop the link here in case anyone else wanted to sign up, or read up about the game.


Also applied for the alpha, looks like a really cool concept and I have always been a Bioware fan. Ill let you know if I get in.


Yes! I think it looks really nice. I have high hopes for Shadow Realms.



does this count as a “No” from you? lol


The best news about this game:


HAHAHAHA. I thought the same exact thing when I read that.
Hopefully it stays that way through release.


When I saw that email I thought I was chosen. IT SAID I WAS CHOSEN!!! I’ll signup for the alpha, but I don’t know, ea, bioware, i smell burning…


You were the Chosen One Anakin!!!


Yeah, EA and anyone scares me a little. But I’m always willing to try a game if they let me for free.


I am going to try it, why not? Last time I tried a game on a whim it was Wildstar…


@senNish never seems to have the high ground.


Hmm, Never herd of this game… Looks interesting though.