Anyone planning on playing CoD:AW?

Haven’t played a CoD for a while now, this one looks pretty good. Anyone playing or planning on playing this?

i’m playing on xbox one. i’ll probably be streaming tonight from about 7:30pm-11pm EST

After seeing some gameplay footage of it, I might pick it up for PS4. Looked pretty cool with all the customization.

I’ve watched two hours or more of streaming but haven’t seen anyone using the shield yet. I like shields.

I should also mention that GTA V and Dragon Age come out in 2 weeks… how will I ever find the time for all this?

I know. Now that GTA V first person perspective has been announced I almost don’t care about COD anymore at all… LOL… I guess Far Cry 4 will have to wait also.

I’m putting all my eggs in the GTA basket for now. GTA Online with a large crew like Strats lead by @tommy2118 will be awesome.


made a post for the pc version since i just got it. let me know by posting there or pm me or

I can’t complain about Advanced Warfare yet. The exo suits don’t make THAT much of a difference in the game play. It’s fun and bad ass to fling around the map but in the end it’s best to stick to the ground unless you want to be a giant flying target. Will it remain fun in a few weeks? Who knows, most Call of Duty games do get old fast.

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Nope. I can see your message.

Think I might rent this from Gamefly or something to try it out…


My message appeared blank too after submitting it.

Edit from @tommy2118 : Not really sure what is going on I sent @Vocino a message. I’m sure it will be resolved soon.

It’s worth a rental. There’s sooooo much coming out this month… I want to play Far Cry 4 too… but just so much…

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Irony - I sent @Vocino a PM earlier about it… and it was blank.

@tommy2118 save me plz this is blank too

I bought it for PS4. If I’m gonna transition to a console gamer might as well go all-in.

I’ve played two multiplayer matches so far. My kd was 9/18 and 10/31.

I think I like Destiny better. Don’t have to listen to the 12-year-olds tell me how bad I am when match is over. But after two games I’m already level 7; think I just need 12 to get the shield then I can embarrass the kids by beating them with it.


Haha I feel you. Is there a clan aspect to the game? Can we set something up? I’d like to check it out.

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When I initially went to the multiplayer section it asked me to make a profile or something. I do believe there is a way to make “official” CoD clans now.

I haven’t really played since Black Ops so it’s been a little while.

Update - Finally got my riot shield. I’m terrible with that too. Although I’m convinced my teammates assisted in my badness, like the guy who stood on the ledge above me and watched me die a couple times.

The shield is pretty groovy since it will deflect most grenades (semtex will stick to it I’m sure, since that was a problem in previous games). It seems to take 3 melee hits to kill someone, though, which is awful high. Lots of times I would hit someone the first time then they would just run to the side of me and punch me once.

I’ve been playing on PC. This is my first Call of Duty since Modern Warfare and I am very happy with it

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Duuuude i am on pc add me!