Anyone Play Armello?



I just got Armello to pass the time while I’m working for mom and dad answering phones this summer. My job doesn’t require much more than answering phones and occasionally helping out customers. Does anyone else play?

If not, can anyone else recommend some fun, silly little games they’d like to join me in while I’m at work?

PS. Ben has my wifi card and my room has no ethernet plug, so no computer as of right now. Thanks!


Wait, so are you playing from work using internet or are you on a PS4 (the game is multiplatform, so I’m not sure which system to recommend titles for ;))?


I’m on my laptop at work :wink: I guess I meant my gaming comp haha


Here’s a few <=$20 games to get you started (all solid single-player, most have multiplayer) :wink:

Also, didn’t you play Trove with us back in the day? That thing’s still free to play and they added a bunch of new stuff :wink:


I love FTL!
Diablo 3 you can always pause in single player mode.
Don’t Starve/Don’t Starve Together.


FTL seems fun! They all do!

And omg yeah I need to get back into Trove :heart_eyes:


I very much enjoy Enter the Gungeon. Definitely recommend a gamepad if you’re playing on PC, though.

Maybe I’ll grab some copies next time it’s on sale. It would be good Weekly material.


I’m planning on grabbing the witcher 3 as well for big computer. I finally need to play the single player games I’ve bought too. Haha.


I also recommend this game!!! Enter the Gungeon is damn fun!!


I have Armello on PS4. It’s pretty great.


FTL is the greatest. Even if I haven’t beaten that godforsaken game.


The quest for a successful run with the crystal dude remains unfinished :’(


Oh man I’ve this game on my steam wishlist since March 9th, 2015. How is it?


I’ve been playing all day and so far I love it


It’s very boardgame-y, which is the point. The art is pretty fantastic, I love the style. It can be difficult.