Anyone played Dirty Bomb?


I noticed some of my Steam friends playing Dirty Bomb today. It’s a free-to-play team-based shooter made by Splash Damage (they made Quake Wars: Enemy Territory and Brink). Game says it’s still in beta right now.

Has anyone played this yet or have more info on it? Maybe I’ll download it this weekend and give it a try.

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So they made one of my my most and least favorite shooters, respectively; I’ll have to take a glance at some point :wink:


i tried it for a little bit last week. seemed like a close quarters version of battlefield to me…kinda fun.


I play it quite regularly. It’s really good if you start playing competitive matches and focus on objectives. I am currently lvl7. It’s still in beta so it has a few bugs but already quite solid.

Add me on steam: semse



Downloaded the game. Finally played tutorial. Haven’t played a match yet.

It is a team-based shooter with a focus on objectives rather than deathmatch. You create a team of three mercenaries (classes, essentially) for each match. When you die you can change your current merc (similar to how you change your class/loadout in Call of Duty or Battlefield).

You are given two free mercs after the tutorial and there is a free weekly rotation is seems. You can buy mercs with cash or in-game currency.

Each merc is rated in stats such as health, speed, combat, objectives (assuming this is how well they attack/defend) and support. They also have abilities, usually some sort of deployable or special attack.

Combat seems very fast paced. It’s a free game so there’s nothing to lose in trying it. I might try a few rounds tonight and see how it goes.

Edit - Finally played a match. I likely could enjoy this since I never got on the Counterstrike bandwagon. I’ll be trying it some more and may put down some cash for the starter pack.


Slowly getting into this game and I’m finding it pretty fun. Will be even better when I figure out what I’m doing. :smile: Here’s a video about the mercs/classes for anyone interested.


ive been playing it since it reminds me of what overwatch will most likely play like.

very teambased where positioning is pretty crucial, and shots matter.

the objective gamemode is real fun, but it starts to fall off when you have teammates who insist to do other things.

If you plan on playing overwatch, this is a pretty good game to get started with. It’s also f2p like you said.
I like the cases system, reminds me of cs go, but instead of just weapons, you get whole characters with a certain loadout of weapons. the loadouts also have rankings.

xalrock is my name on steam, feel free to add me and we can try playing, im only like lvl 4 or something, ive only played a few hours, but those few hours were pretty nice.


I’ve got less than 2 hours played and I’m only level 3. I have a mission to get a stupid amount of game mode xp and that seems hard to do when people constantly run off on their own or don’t defend me when capturing objectives. Maybe it gets better after level 5 when you can play premade teams I think.


I got 43h played now and I am almost lvl 9. It’s true that you get XP slowly but you don’t really need any more “lvls” after lvl 5 when you can play competitive mode. And to level 5 it’s pretty quick.
Lower level players tend to just play for the kills and not objective but it gets better at later levels, especially in competitive mode. If you got some skill, you can also do quite a lot on your own in public in terms of objectives.
A tip: try to do the missions daily. Then you get money pretty quickly and can buy all mercs.


I’ve put about 3 hours into it and I’m level 4. Last night I tried Stopwatch mode and realized I should have been playing this all along. XP comes much easier in Stopwatch since you play both offense and defense (you only play one side in Objective mode).

I really do enjoy it more the longer I play. Now I need to practice long jumping and wall jumps.

I did buy the starter pack during the Steam sale. That got me all the “cheap” mercs (all that aren’t top-tier price). So I own about half of them now.


As far as casual shooters go, Dirty Bomb is pretty fun. I’ve had it since you had to pay for it a bit ago, play it every so often.