Anyone playing Destiny on a PS3?



I dont know if I want to drop the money to get a PS4 right now. Is anyone playing on PS3? Is it any good on PS3??


If you jump I’ll jump too.


jump to get the ps3 version, or get a ps4?


ps3 version


i might get it later this week. ill let you know…i might watch some ps3 streams on twitch and compare to the ps4 version, still on the fence about getting a ps4


Me too, but if I go the PS4 rout I wont be able to swing it until about the Christmas time


Get the PS3 copy. I believe you can upgrade to the PS4 version later (For a fee), and your character(s) are transferable between systems as they’re linked to your PSN ID not the console


i read you can upgrade to ps4 version for free until mid january


If you get it for the PS4 we can use our rings of Mara. :blush:


I heard this in an interview with “Deej” the bungie community Rep.