Anyone playing Shroud of the Avatar?


Hey guys just wanted to ask if theres anyone on Starts that plays Shroud of the Avatar.

Can’t really decide if I should go for it or wait till after official release ?


This is one I’m watching but waiting for it to become a bit more fleshed out.


Well the new update is kinda tempting, They introduced a music system, a improved version of the Lotr-Online one, I have been searching for sth like this since the Lotr music community kinda vanished. But I am not really sure bout the rest of the game tbh. The project sounds really awsome, but what Ive seen so far didnt really impress me and a lot of the goals that they set here are epic fails on other mmos so I am kinda weary.(Arachages housing for example) … ugh I cant decide XD


I remember playing music in Asheron’s Call 2. I thought that was a really neat music system at the time. I don’t recall it having any gameplay/combat benefits but lots of people would meet up in town, whip out their instruments and play songs together.


I have not logged on in some time but I have been a supporter since Kickstarter. I was not impressed with early alpha, especially the instancing system used for zones. Hoping things improve so I am waiting to get back to it.


I have it, It’s a big step back in some ways. I poke my head in occasionally to see if it’s at a place I want to spend time on.