Anyone Playing Starbound on Mac?



I was trying to play through the story of the recently updated version of Starbound yesterday, and encountered a repeatable game-crashing bug on the Mac version. Wondering if anyone else has experienced it, or if it’s just some combination my system has that others don’t.

I’m playing on a first gen MBP retina with a 2.3GHz i7, 8GB DDR3, OSX 10.8.5, and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB. When I beat the first boss in the mining facility and choose to complete the quest in my ship’s computer, the game crashes. I can restart and I receive the next quest, but it doesn’t appear in my log and the prior quest remains incomplete. I’m thinking that means I can’t really continue playing through story mode.


I think the PC and Mac Starbound servers are cross-platform, aren’t they?


Skimming, but I think he is talking about the client.

On topic, sorry I don’t know. Haven’t played in a while. But the update sounds interesting.


Oh, I didn’t read the bug part.


Yeah, I was bringing up my specs to see if the issue was hardware-specific, OS-specific, or just a game bug. I had planned to play that as my streaming game this week, but if I can’t play it for the duration of my stream, I’ll have to pick something else.


Possibly try to run it in Linux distro?


I think my options for streaming software will be even fewer on Linux, won’t it? I’m already streaming without video because I’m using OBS and there’s no way to record both the screen and a camera.


I played a good amount of it a year ago and it was buggy then too. I think I had to create a certain race of character before it would let me play, and after that it was a little less crashy. It’s really cool if when it works. Shame it seems to still be buggy.


The pain about a game like this is that unless you’re a dev, it is near impossible to try and recreate the bug because of how expansive the universe is. You may have better luck posting on their official forums, and describing the situation to the devs so they can check it out on their own.

Sorry. :frowning:


Sorry I can’t reply as a new topic because I’m on my phone. Setting your WebCam up as a global source, adding the WebCam source and the screen capture to Scene does not work?


I have no idea. I just found this video searching for what you mentioned ( but it’s from 1.5 years ago and I don’t have a button for global sources in OBS.


I just tried playing around with the settings and OBS crashed. I think I see what you’re talking about. I’ll have to play with this later. Adding an image, I assume, is the equivalent of adding an overlay?


Yes, adding images is how you would add an overlay.

When you add your webcam as a video capture device within the scene OBS will load the camera when you start streaming and dump it if you switch scenes. When Your webcam (or anything else for that matter) is added as a global source and then you add that global scourge to your scene, OBS loads it up and retains it regardless of what scene is currently up. This allows you to be able to switch between scenes without any disruption of your webcam feed.

Hope this is understandable. :slight_smile: it’s late and I’ve been driving for the last 16 hours.


I’ll have to try that out. For some reason, people want to watch my face while I play games instead of the games.


Did you ever fix the game bug, also how did you reproduce it?


There hasn’t been an update to the game, but I played the mission a second time with the same character (something you shouldn’t be able to do) and was able to advance the game. About an hour later, after two more missions, it crashed again. I haven’t gone back in to see if I can continue yet.