Anyone playing the current Diablo season?



Who used to play? @Auth, @Diacuss?


Juuuust hit 70 on my Seasonal necro.


I’m testing it out. Working on my necro builds. I haven’t got very far yet cause Guild Wars 2 Living World Season finale just dropped. Will give it more time later.


Used to being the important bit of that sentence. After transitioning to PoE I haven’t gone back, and it (along with everything not called Fortnite) is on the back-burner because Fortnite :wink:




Path of Exile (not sure if you didn’t know the acronym or were just making a dig :wink: ). I prefer the build depth available in it over D3, and the fact that every season is significantly different, whereas in D3 they generally only make small changes.




As AMD did to Intel, if you choose to not iterate and improve things in a meaningful way, someone else will come along and give the people what they want :wink:


I’m happy with Intel. And Diablo 3.


I’ve played the last couple seasons but I think I’m skipping this one. Too many other games to play.


Can a strategist get a power level, friend? Are we friends on Blizzattle dot Net? Vocino#1150


I’ll get you added ASAP. I’m at work at the moment but if you still need some powerleveling later today I can help!


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