Anyone repair monitors?


So I have this 24" Dell Monitor at work. Since it’s “broke” I can pretty much just take it if I want to. However this is what the monitor is doing. And I don’t know if it’s repairable. Anyone see anything like this before?

sorry the video is turned sideways, super dumb, but it gives you an idea of what’s going on.


This could be a pin problem. Is it connected through VGA and does it have any other ports for other types of connections


Right now it’s not connected through anything. It was connected through a HDMI connection.

Something funny it was doing right before it went out was it was screen burning and then it would go away. Sometimes it would go away gradually, other times it would just pop back and the screen burn would go away. This monitor was always turned off before leaving and never left on the same screen for an extended period of time.

I was almost thinking that maybe a transistor went out or something. But this stinking dell monitor looks like it has no screws or anything so who knows how to get it apart lol


With Dell monitors you have to pop off the bezel with like a putty knife to get to the screws. The back pops apart first in the ones I’ve opened.

I’m not big on monitors because getting into them can be a pain in the ass (like laptops). Maybe someone else has some suggestions that could save it but if it’s just a basic dell monitor it might not be worth the hassle :stuck_out_tongue:


#savethemonitor will be trending shortly lol


Even if you cannot fix it on your own, sending it into Dell to have them repair it may be cheaper than buying a new 24" monitor. It may be worth taking for that alone.


This looks like the control board thingy is broke but the screen it’s self is fine.

See if you could find one on eBay were the screen has been damaged and just swap out the screen.


Think I’m just going to say screw this thing, I’ve tried multiple times to get it open and I can’t even find the screws. Tried prying off the front bottom panel, nothing. Tried taking the side skirting off, only to cause damage to it, tried seeing if it would pop open, nothing. And there’s no tutorials online for it either. Might be more worth to just save and buy a new one