Anyone still doing Destiny on PS4?



No specific time or date really, just getting a feel for who is out there still. Destiny is gonna keep me entertained till The Division drops so I’m looking for folks that want to run King’s Fall Normal Mode (done it a few times) or maybe teach Hard Mode (never done it).

Add me on psn: longrifle7


paging @ohnokenzilla …help a brother out!! :smile:


This week is bad for me, the wife is out of town so I’m doing the single parent struggle.


You can add me, smasher225, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to help you out. If I’m doing a raid I’ll be doing the challenge to get a helm and/or weapon. If you have a group and need one more I should be able to get on but I’m not really enjoying destiny atm so I’ve really limited my time on destiny to time I could be playing mtg, wow or spending time with the gf lol.


it’s cool because my days off will be full-on The Division. Once you get back we can run some.


I’ll add you and if I see you on we can group. I only do it once a week anyways.


Well I’m not normally on right now because of war craft but if you give me a time I can be on if I’m free.


I already added you but just want to let you know that after the division Beta goes over ill be back at Destiny if you ever need another player, i mostly play at night 9pm+ West coast time


Feel free to send me an invite if you see me on. I main a 305 Hunter that’s got quite a bit of raid experience. I stopped playing hardcore a month or so ago when it just became a chore to get everything done. I’d jump back on to help a fellow mate out though!


Anyone that needs help if I’m on you can ask me. But I am a parent of 2 so sometimes it’s hard to get on(blink brac=PSN)