Anyone up for some CS:GO trading or interested in playing?



I see that this sub is rather unpopulated, but I’m sure there’s some CS:GO players here.

I don’t have the best of items, but would be willing to do a trade with someone that has similar quality / rarity of guns.

My steam profile if you’re interested in either playing a few games or trading: (Silver III)


Could you give us an outline of how trading works. I’ve wanted to get into this game, but there is a lot I don’t understand. I’m sure others would like to play as well.


i’m with you. i’ve owned the game since beta/launch but i have maybe a few hours total into it. it’s just so overwhelming to me now. i would love to get into it, FPS is where my PC gaming origin lies.


Pretty much the 2 parties go into a trade on steam, and both place their items that they want to trade into a box that both people can see. The trade will be completed when both parties acknowledge what their giving and receiving from the trade and click “accept trade.”

I think it’s a good buy for $15.00 personally, especially considering you can make that money back through trading up guns to higher priced / better rarity guns.


If you ever want to play, you can add me on Steam and we’ll set up a game!


I just bought the game last night actually. I want to give it a go. Steam ID is Dynamible.


Honestly, the whole trading aspect is like TF2 and is completely unnecessary. I’m not opposed to it by any means, but the only thing you trade is weapon skins which in reality do nothing except look cool.

That said, don’t worry about the whole trading aspect of the game and the skins and cases. After each game you may get awarded with a skin or case, but again you can ignore them. My friend just sells everything he gets from the games and ignores the whole trading aspect all together.