Anyone up for some DAMPing tonight?

I am looking to get my DAMP on. Anyone interested?

I’m doing GTA Online

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Guess we should set a night for DA


I’d love that.

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Considering the weekend events for DAMP, impromptu Strats parties have been running on Friday(?) nights. The problem with DAMP nights is that there are only four people that can play at a time. Maybe we should just run them on Friday nights? We’ll also see what @DrizztDo_Urden69’s opinion on the matter is, but I’m for it!

Really though, any day of the weekend events are good, I just seem to recall most of the Strats crew get them done early.


I agree with @Pittinjury I think Friday would be a good day to set up for DAMP. You all know if I’m not working I’ll be on all night. I see a lil problem with it being only 4 at a time but honestly if we get more people then I feel we should start opening up to recruiting on Reddit or other places and advertising out DAMP nights. Just do more then one team at a time I don’t see why not.

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@Dynamible maybe you can help me putting up some recruitment threads, I know someone mentioned the Reddit DAMP thread doesn’t allow recruiting, but I can always start my own thread right?


Yeah you could get an event page up and send that out.

I would be available most Fridays after 9:00 pm EST. I would love to add DAMP as a regular item to my Twitch streaming schedule.

where are all the strats art assets etc? Im trying to get a picture up for the title…

rough estimate:

It might be easiest if we start everything at 9 PM ET…

Lastly, I’m still trying to figure out a good font to do all this stuff in.

This pic is great but it would be better if it had my archer doing his pattented backflip down a set of stairs


Lol that wasn’t me. The sherpa pic was all @vocino.

Lol, sounds good!

I can make something, one sec. I wouldn’t put the date and time in the image as that may change.


I wasn’t trying to give you work! lol, but thank you for it!

Speaking of, seems we all agree on Friday, how about a time? 8 or 9 pm EST usually seems to work

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Man i cant catch a break…i raid with my WoW guild wed and friday at 9 est…that means i cant play GTA V with you guys…and now i cant play DA:I either…this really sucks as i want to play both of them with you. every other night of the week i have nothing.

Solution: Create a Strats WoW guild and set your own raid days.

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If you ever see me on just hit me up I’ll play with you.

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thanks @DrizztDo_Urden69 thats the only positive thing anyone has said to me when i refer to my schedule. @Vocino starting a new guild is not an option for me…i have been playing with these people for almost 8 years and i wont be forced to choose (not saying you are forcing me :smile:) . A new guild in WoW takes at least 30-40 dedicated people to operate smoothly and most all who play are already in established guilds already as i am.