Anyone up for some low level Destiny stuff tonight?



Wondering if anyone has a low level alt or is interested in starting a new guardian who wants to run around and shoot some stuff later tonight. I am level 9 and I just finished the devils lair.


This may be a dumb question, but are there any new story arc missions in this expansion?


There is but you need to be lvl 25 to start it


Yes, there’s almost half the amount of new quests as the vanilla version - not counting the exotic quests and sidequests too.


What time @Biff_Tannen? I’m 39 on my hunter, going to get him to 40 then thinking about starting a Lock or a Titan.


Probably around 8 CST


Should be able to start a new character with you. I haven’t made a Titan or Warlock yet. Would you prefer making the party or me?


Good choice :wink:


@Auth has spoken! Lock it is!


I get off work at that time I’ll be on a little after that :smile:


Okay let me know, ill probably be on trying The Last of Us


Getting on my ps4 right now.

In case you didn’t have my PSN it is AlexFalkor-


Good times @AlexFalkor lets do it again.


Sorry I didn’t get in on it, got to level 40 and then passed out in the chair about 15 minutes later. Didn’t end up getting on until like 11:00 EST wouldn’t mind running some lowbie stuff tonight if you guys are down


I’m down, @Dynamible should join us as well


I actually didn’t buy the DLC :frowning:


Well we are playing low level so you dont need the DLC :stuck_out_tongue:


If you don’t have me on psn yet is eegore_jenkins @Biff_Tannen we can do something tonight


Im hopping on now