Anyone up for VoG tonight, Dec 7? Probably around 2100 or 2200 CST?

So, I’m terrible and haven’t gotten around to doing the VoG yet this week… I just broke 28, but will be stuck in the Forever28 club unless I manage to get a new helmet or some Raid Gear, as I’ve just maxed my Gauntlets, Boots, and Chest Armour. Anyone up for it?

@Digitull has kindly offered to post in DestinyLFG to round out a group if needed, but I figured I’d ask here first! :smile:

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I could do it if its around 10pm est or earlier
Any later and I will pass out

Meet in the middle at 2130 CST / 2230 EST? The whole reason I suggested to play so late is because MrFyrefly wanted to get in some time on Advanced Warfare - but the PS4 is currently refusing to access our network :expressionless:

I will most likely not be able to run that late but no worries

I could. I haven’t ran it yet and have the evening to myself.

NVS_1 if you don’t have me yet.

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@spredhead! Good/bad news! MrFyrefly’s PSN is glitching out for some reason, so I have access to the PS4 for 2200EST if you’re still up for raiding :slight_smile:

I’ll add you :smile: