Anyone want to play Terraria


I just started playing Terraria again and want to see if anyone else wanted to start a play through. I know @PreshusKitty and @Majordomo used to play on our old server.


I have it, yet haven’t ever fired it up. I probably should, eh?


While I love Terraria, the fact that multiple worlds are required to get enough stuff to make the best gear tends to make people go “I’m going to make some worlds on my own time, when no one else is around, to farm for some gear bits we need” and very quickly people start getting left behind. The smaller the group, the easier it is to just say “we are going to do everything together” and to set up play times. The larger the group, the harder to connect up and to keep everyone happy and having a good time.
That being said, I wouldn’t mind playing some Terraria; how were you wanting to set up multiplayer?


You totally should. It has a lot to offer. You get to mine for hours and build cool stuff, but there is also challenging boss fights and sweet gear.[quote=“PreshusKitty, post:3, topic:12802”]
how were you wanting to set up multiplayer?

I have no idea and am open to suggestions. I would love to do a server like we used to have.


It something we can do as a group? If so, I’d be happy to give it a spin…


Absolutely. You can make a private world and invite people to play on it with you through Steam or we could create a server and leave it up for everyone to play on all the time. The problem is just like @PreshusKitty stated, worlds change as you progress and if someone gets left behind it sucks. The multiplayer is great though. Bosses drop loot and you get to split up who gets what. With a small group it is fun to make sure everyone gets what they are specializing in. You can also duel each other which is fun.


while in most games this would be amazing, in terraria this would be the death of our world
the crimson/corruption spreads, remember? and after a certain boss battle it spreads super fast till plantera is killed
if we missed one seed of corruption from smashing an altar and then quit for the night we could come back the next day to a mostly corrupted world :confused:


Id be down, I can also keep a server up 24/7 So we can mod and what not.

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