Anything About College?


Hey everyone! I know there’s a lot of adults, college students, and parents on Strats and I was wondering what it is like in College. I’m currently a Junior in High School and looking for any tips, college experiences, and memories from anyone! Also, here are the current colleges I’m looking forward to applying:

  • UCSD
  • UC Berkeley
  • UC Davis
  • UCLA
  • UC Irvine
  • Cal Poly
  • West Point
  • And More


What field?


Oh whoops! Completely forgot about that xD.


  • IT
  • Computer Science

I’m thinking about applying for the college on a non-impacted major, then transfer to the major I want.

Is that OK?


I didn’t go to college but I interview a lot of college grads regularly so take my advice through that lens.

I would think hard about what your objective is. What return are you looking for from such a substantial investment?

If you’re only looking for a degree, just get whatever the cheapest option possible is. In technology (my field) there are a very limited number of universities that command substantial clout. Even those will only serve to get you an interview.

If you’re looking for major live-changing education the likes of which is worth tens of thousands of dollars, then you need to really take a hard look at who will be teaching you and what they’ll be teaching.

I, personally, never ask where anyone went to college.

So in my opinion your choice should be centered on experience at the college, the type of culture you’re looking for, the city you’d like to live in, etc. I wouldn’t get sold on all the extra name stuff unless we are talking MIT or Stanford.


Ah ok. Because of my interests in the computer field, taking an IT or Computer Science Major is one of the top priorities of learning a lot about it (IT and CS are not the only two majors about computers and networking). I’m also interested in getting at least a Bachelor’s Degree in College.


Most of the Data Scientists I know have degrees in economics, statistics, or something along those lines with support for CS. So maybe that’s something.

It really depends on what you want to do. CS is all about math.

If I were to go to college today I would probably study something like physics or cosmology, maybe even political science.


Do yourself a favor and don’t go here unless you really want to from a “national service/pride” standpoint rather than a “get a degree” standpoint.


In my opinion this is the way to go. While you’re knocking out your basics, you can get a better view of all the different fields that might interest you. This way, you won’t get two years in and decide, “Well, this sucks - better move back a year and start again.”


This is true of pretty much any professional field, I believe. At the engineering firms I’ve worked over the past 15 years, no one cared where I went to school or even questioned if I had a degree really. I guess I had my engineer’s license number to back me up.

Really the only time school came up is when football season came around. Maybe that’s just a thing in the South.

Employers are really only interested if you can do your job. So take your SAT/ACT (depending on where you live, I assume California since you have all these silly UC schools listed), focus on getting good scores, and be sure to schedule campus visits to your top schools. Find a campus that feels good to you because it’s going to be a miserable four years if you’re living 3-4 hours away from home at a place that you hate.

And you should go to a school 3-4 hours away from the parents. Time to get off mom’s teat and live on your own a little bit.

And that’s my advice for today. You’re welcome.


I hire people, although in a much different field, I look for period with bachelor’s degrees. The names don’t really make a difference to me. The only thing I look for is that there not all online colleges. Much of getting a job come down to a great resume to show interest and expertise in what you want to do. After you get your interview it’s shit related knowledge and personality.

Look for a school that well teach you what you want to know and cut the gen eds. Also focus on the credit hours they expect and expected graduation.


I went to a crappy private college and it has never stopped me from getting a job. Never been asked which college I went to.


^^^^ This x1,000. Odds are you’ll save a ton of cash this way too, and if you get finical aid, sometimes if can pay a large chunk of it, or all of it. For example I went to my local community college for my basics. Some people seem to have a “ewww community college” mentality, but your wallet will thank you in the long run.

I also have to agree with what Wheatums said in the later part of his post. This was my personal experience. I went in wanting to be a pharmacist, and after four semesters of chemistry I realized while I loved the lab work, I hated the math side of chemistry. So I sat myself down and took a long hard look at myself, and realized I’ve always had a knack for counseling people, and psychology in general was something I had a lot of interest in, and I knew quite a bit about. I ended up graduating with two associate degrees. I’m now going to a University since I now know what I want to do with my life, and I’m on a path I’m looking forward to. I’ll be graduating with my bachelors in about a year. I’ll have to go back for my masters, but being able to help people in the capacity the degrees will offer is worth it to me.

Long story short doing what Whatums said can save you a lot of money, and keep you out of debt, and offer you security by allowing you to be sure that what you have in mind now is what you will want to do with your life.


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR RESPONSES! I just woke up and read all of these thoroughly :). I will be sure to keep note of these!


I actually started college as a computer science wannabe, quickly changed to management information systems. It’s a business degree with a lot of technical computer stuff :smile:.

My Lessons from college:
Don’t be afraid to party
don’t party too much (except senior year, 4-5 nights a week is allowed)
do your hair when you go out
don’t dress in sweatshirt and jeans at parties
go to all your classes


Ahaha xD. I rarely party anyways, only on special occasions or when I feel like to.


I don’t know if I would say don’t be afraid to party so much as don’t be afraid to be yourself. High school is all about fitting in and being accepted. When you go to college you’re very likely to find other people who are just like you in some way.

If partying isn’t your thing, but you enjoy staying in on Saturday night painting your Warhammer figurines, I bet there’s a club for that.

And yes, go to all your classes. Do the work and keep up the grades, even if you stay drunk every night of the week. Being put on academic probation is embarrassing.


Oh yes, there are definitely clubs out there that I want to join xD.

Especially going to college events such as Hack-a-thon.


go to class, pass the class :sunglasses:.

But in all seriousness, college helped me grow tremendously as a person and I met some of my closest best friends in those 4 years!


Indeed. I did meet some awesome people at college. I even got to be Man of Honor at a friend’s wedding a few years later.

I offered to hold the bouquet but she wouldn’t let me.

There was even a groomswoman.


I actually wish I was older xD. Weird, but at least ALREADY in college lol. The anticipation is real.