Apple Event Megathread, September 2014

I’m not sure how many people follow technology news and events here but the big Apple event is tomorrow. It’s looking like iPhone 6 is a definite with a strong indicator for some kind of watch or wearable as well.

I figured I would start up a thread since if it’s relevant to my interests, it might be for others too.

Anyone following it? Feelings on a larger android-sized iPhone? iWatch?


Android for life! Unless they add a projectable keyboard. It must also be water proof, I do expect this though.

I follow Apple closely too. I’m a hobby iOS developer (though my day job is in accounting, go figure) and I have mixed feelings about the large screen.

As a developer, I hate having to think about ANOTHER screen size. As a user, I love the bigger screen, but only if they manage to squeeze a larger battery in there.

The iWatch is a toss-up. I don’t know what they will announce but it definitely will be something wearable as HealthKit and HomeKit (new developer frameworks Apple has provided) hints at. It could strictly be a Nike fuel band type of device.

P.S. If there are any other iOS developers here I’d love to chat.

I’m an Android user myself, I’m curious to see how tomorrows announcements effect Apple stock, especially after the icloud breach. The iWatch could be interesting, I’m wondering what battery life will be compared to the Android counterparts, and the large iPhone I’m sure will be a hit with Apple users.

I’m really curious to see what influence the Beats purchase will have on Apple. A rumor early on, was Apple maybe developing a proprietary headphone connector that will only work with Beats branded headphones.

I’m bullish on the 5.5 screen. Can’t wait for it. I’m not really into a watch because I’m into “real” watches so it’s hard for me to give that up for something that my phone does better. I’d rather have fewer devices than more. I like consolidation and simplification. It would need to be a compelling offering that only a wearable device can provide to get me to adopt that mindset.

I design product at Facebook. We’re a mobile-first company. Down to chat anytime just find me on Mumble.

Any changes have already been baked into the current price. Movement on the day of is generally already planned and it’s difficult to affect a $600B market cap with a product release in any meaningful way.

(btw, iCloud wasn’t breached)

Me too but I’m less negative on it. I’m interested in seeing what Beats can become with the Apple product rock stars behind it. Where will the innovation be and what will those products look like in terms of function and quality? Exciting stuff in that space.

definitely pumped for the new stuff. i’m not sure which size i will get, but i’m definitely getting one. my only hesitance with the iphone 6 plus is that it’s too close in size to my ipad mini, and would almost render it useless. but the bigger phone has the OIS for the camera which might be a nice feature.

about the watch, i’m in. i’ve been holding off on a fitbit or some other sort of health tracker because i knew this was coming, and it’s pretty impressive from what i’ve seen so far. i’ve been trying to figure out what to request from the wife for christmas, now i’m good…even though it doesn’t come out until after christmas.

My fiance also wants the Apple Watch for Christmas. So we’re going to gift it to each other. Almost as pointless as the iPhone 6+ and iPad mini haha

Ordered an iPhone 6 Plus. I think I need the watch too but it will be hard to give up my “real” watch.

Wait. Where did you order? Thought they weren’t taking orders until the 12th?

Oh maybe. I ordered it from Facebook IT.

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iPhone 6 Plus who?!

How does this work exactly, I want to order one too…

Well we hire 0.04% of applicants, which is fewer than any Ivy League school’s admission standards. So your best bet is likely to just wait until they put them up on the Apple Store.

Oh so you work for Facebook IT?

Facebook. IT is the department that handles hardware stuff.

Understood. Very cool.

Is that how you got your server(s)?

No, there’s no affiliation with Strats.

No I mean like if they get new ones do they let you snag some old ones? Or did you just buy them yourself? Cause I know a guy who works for a school IT and he gets stuff they want to throw away.

I’m just getting caught up on the announcements, the ApplePay system looks like it’s poised to blow the doors open on paying with your phone and at the same time it’s going to potentially hurt coin sales.

I was an early adopter of coin in lieu of widespread Pay by Phone adoption in my area. I’m excited to see Pay by Phone possibly in more wide use as a result of Apple pushing it forward.