Application - Khat



Applying with my healer/necro named Khat.

I’ve been enjoying all aspects of the game including building, farming, pvp, pvm and am t4 cloth crafting. I started playing this game with some of your new recruits, but we are a small group that would like to expand our horizons. :smiley:

I’ve played many MMO games over the years including; Lineage, RO/RO2, WoW, UO and more…

I tend to lean towards support so that my husband and I make a good duo.

Just looking to have fun and look forward to playing with new people. I plan to focus on building/crafting while playing a support character when needed in pvp/pvm. I’m still learning a lot which is why I started this Beta so I can be ready to get ahead of the game come live.

Let’s have fun!


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome aboard!


Welcome aboard


Welcome to the show. Hope to play with you sometime.


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to the community!


Welcome to the fam!


Thanks guys! :slight_smile: