April 20 Leadership Meeting Audio


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Will do after my 100 days is up and I get my regular status back.


Great discussion on the topic category, I wish I had attended to take part in it. You explored more angles to the situation, which was all I was trying to do in the initial Battlefront Category post. In no way was I against having one, I was just thinking along the context of “What qualifications will a game have it’s own category” Which @Vocino has shown restraint before in willingly giving something a Category because it was the flavor of the month.

One example from MY experience that nobody has brought up was the Evolve Category. We made this category to hype up the game and when the game launched it was poorly received. Now Evolve is dead for the most part. There are plenty of events that I could make use of the category to post new information but what’s the point when it’s not worth the effort to sit down and write it? Not in any way comparing what Battlefront to Evolve.

It’s best not to remove categories, they can be used later down the road. Take Battlefield. That is broad enough to be used for future Battlefield games, which it was used again briefly in December when we got into it for a few weeks after a sale. It could have been used for Hardline but there was no interest. This could be done for a Bloodborne/ Dark Souls Category. Maybe a “Souls Series” since “Souls” has become a term now that certain games get compared to in difficulty. (Lords of the Fallen, Titan Souls. All a “Souls Genre” category now)

I would be interested in writing something up for Battelfront, but honestly there is nothing to go on right now except the not-so set in stone facts that have been given out so far. How far can you really stretch a 2 minute teaser video and one persons hands on experience that was crafted specifically for a demo by the developer. I love FPS and I love these style of games, so I’d be happy to help build it up, but right now you can only polish it so far. I have a feeling after E3 things will be drastically different.

In regards to @DrizztDo_Urden69 comment on Albion, I think this is a good example of making a Category in advance. We have a few players that have gone into the game and explored it and can write enough about it to warrant a category. This is an opportunity for people who want to know more to come to our site and read their thoughts and tips.

The only thing that concerned me from this meeting was the “Is it worth getting excited for another game except Battlefront” vibe I got. Maybe because it’s new and fresh, the excitement is still there. November is a long way away, there will be plenty of releases between now and November. I think people seem to forget Metal Gear Solid 5 is coming at the tail of Summer. This game has just as much potential as any other AAA release this year to be a huge online experience.

Grab a sledgehammer because we got a WALL O TEXT BABY.


I was thinking the same way. The article posted by @Biff_Tannen on Battlefront hype specifically brings up the disappointment of recent multiplayer mainly AAA game releases like Evolve and Titanfall. But as he also mentions Star Wars brings enough behind it that hopefully this will be overcome in Battlefront.

Even though Evolve dropped fast, I still think it was good to have its category. When it goes on sale on steam this fall, more will hopefully take it up again and we’ll have easy access to @Nubhugs great articles on it.


Another point the article brings up is the bad EA releases with Battlefield 4 and Sim City. This is my only concern with Battlefront. As Vocino said in another thread, they are releasing it no matter what because of the movie. Concrete deadlines in games now concern me, look at how many games get pushed back every fall and what happens to the the ones that force themselves out on release day. Battlefield 4 was terrible at launch because they HAD to compete with Call of Duty that year and be the new “next gen” experience for the new console launch, and that was made by a lot of the same team. Hardline, made by another team, was on the same path until the reception was so poor they had no choice but incubate it for another six months.

Battlefront has strangely a HIGH expectation already because everyone wants the perfect Star Wars game. The little bit of information like no space battles is already causing the excite boat to stir. This is a very fragile ship EA.


I hope that they have learned from their mistakes. I also think that they will be throwing money at this game. It’s got a lot of hype and I don’t think they want to piss off the star wars fans (95% of americans over 20).


Never say never with EA.

  • Hopefully they learned from Dragon Age 2
  • Hopefully they learned from Mass Effect 3
  • Hopefully they learned from Battlefield 4
  • Hopefully they learned from NHL 2K15
  • Hopefully they learned from Dead Space 3
  • Hopefully they learned from The Sims 4
  • Hopefully they learned from Dungeon Keeper on Mobile

The list could go on.


Fair enough. I’ll see myself out…


I don’t have optimism. You know this! I only accept facts presented to me in font size 12, times new roman, single spaced with sources cited in MLA format.


I’d just like to say I’m loving the discussion here. This is what it’s all about.


As long as people understand it’s a discussion and not an argument or personal attack on their opinion. This can sometimes turn very quickly and can cause hurt feelings.


I wasn’t fully participating in the discussion; trying to wrangle kids during the last half of the meeting. One thing that came to mind after the meeting closed was that categories could become more broad or general. Label a category as From Software perhaps. Or just have a general MOBA category for discussion of League/Smite/DotA/HotS/FotM.

I personally don’t like seeing categories for 15+ games when we’re only active in 5 or 6. As a visitor or new member I don’t think I would like coming to a site and seeing forums for games which the guild no longer participates. I think it would be better to have categories that cover a wide range. It would also make the general/un-categorized category not be as cluttered.

Now for particularly busy or genre-specific games (Minecraft), I think it’s fine to have it’s own category.

I guess the main drawback to my thinking is that it is harder at-a-glance to see in what games Strats is currently (or has been) active.


I can see someone thinking that way. But I also see members like @Rotaugen. I have to give that guy a big thumbs up. Him and @Masivemurder were still reporting ESO things even though it wasn’t any type of talk from other members. They didn’t give up on ESO and kept us informed as it transformed. Now look at it. It’s back to life like some kind of Free to Play Frakenstein.

Someone could also see “hey, there were people playing this, maybe I can spark up and interest by talking about it” like some people have done for League and other categories.


Way back in the day, this is actually how it was set up. The thing that forced the change was that we were structured in guilds or clans (starting with ESO). With an MMORPG category, it would be difficult to attribute threads and organize as a guild.

Further, we used to have subcategories for each game specifically for Officers of that guild, trade, etc. This became too difficult to manage with so many games and was deprecated.

We’ve often played with the idea of adding further taxonomy to the forum by way of tags. Categories would be genres and tags would be games.

The problem is that so many games are crossing genres these days. MMORPG, MMOFPS, MMOs with 3rd and 1st person, soft of RPGs with competitive multiplayer that aren’t quite “massive” like Destiny, etc etc. It gets pretty cumbersome.


This is good. We could have let’s say an Elder Scrolls category where we could talk ESO and elder scrolls 6 when it comes out or a star wars category where we could talk battlefront and the old republic etc.


What if in each broad category there’s a pinned topic for guild stuff if it exists?

-EDIT- Nvm. I think that’s what your “subcategories” used to be. This post never existed.


Well actually I think that makes sense @PeterThomas6. If we did something like the above suggested genres, we would need pinned posts with how to join the clans and guilds for those games.


To go along with this category talk, I think it would be good to have a general category and just put whatever main category that game is with it. Example: MMO: WOW/ESO Shooter: COD, BF, Destiny. You get the idea, then tags for what game it is, and if you want to add more depth to it you can, but always remember, the more depth, the more user UNfriendly it is.


@DanceBurgerDance, where would you post about Planetside2?


Oh, okay. I wasn’t sure if it was the same or not. But yes, any key topics could be pinned, and general banter could be left loose. Then when topics become “irrelevenat” all you have to do is unpin them, which keeps everything about them (link wise) all the same, and you don’t ahve to delete anything.

E.g. From Software Category > Pinned Topics: Boss Discussion (as it seems to be pretty hot) > everything else.

Blizzard Category > Pinned Topics: WoW Guild, WoW Crafting, Username/Friending Category > everything else.

So on, and so forth. This saves you from deleting tags, and breaking links, which seems to be the biggest issue. Whether pinned or not, everything retains its hard link. No mess, no problems.