April Fools Megathread


Right then, we all know what day it is (and thankfully @Vocino didn’t start any advertising services this year), so we all know there is some impressive and crazy shit flying around on the internet. I know for fact there’s no way I’ll see or find out about all the awesomeness happening, so if you find something good, post it up so we can all enjoy it!


So far I’ve rather enjoyed the following:

http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/skins/draven-day-2016 (this one started last night and fucked me and my friends up pretty good; it went live between 2 of our matches and there was definitely a moment of pause on loading in after champ select).


The Library and Archives of Canada acquired & released documentation about a Canadian super solider (James “Logan” Howlett) earlier today.


Nice finds!

So far I like that black desert online’s subreddit design is kinda poking fun at arch age:


Yeah, so much stuff is happening on reddit; I won’t find all the stuff they did just on that site alone :wink:



Hearthstone: The MMO


Marvel claimed to have posted a 1hr Deadpool minimovie. Technically acurate :wink:


Take that Overwatch… drops mic



[April 1, 2016] Road to Alpha: Windows 95 Integration
Community Announcements - EmpyrionGame
Greetings Galactic Survivalists!

Today we have a very special update for you all!

As part of our upcoming Alpha Release, we have been hard at work preparing Empyrion to work with the latest and greatest in Windows Operating Systems: Windows 95!

Empyrion really looks beautiful in 256 colour technology! Convince yourself.

Omicron looks really nice at this time of year:

Akua also looks very inviting:


  • 256 Colours
  • 4 MB Video Memory
  • High Resolution 1024x768 Graphics
  • Optimised for CRT Monitors and the Latest Pentium I Processors

We hope you will enjoy this amazing new feature and have fun running Empyrion on all your latest Windows 95 systems!


Eleon Dev Team

EDIT (April 2, 2016): In case you have already prepared your old PC to get it in shape for Emyprion, we have to disappoint you - it was only an April Fools’ Day prank :wink: