Archeage 08/21 livestream recap



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AWESOME PVP VIDEO that was at the start of the livestream.
Most of their effort is going onto their complicated authentication/patron/store software since it’s a complicated system.
There’s a lot of text, localization is very time consuming since korean to English is completely different.
Build on Alpha currently is going to be the one on CBT4.
CBT4 is 7 figure invites, not including Patron/Founders.
No more 24gig download, ever. It’s now an 8GB compressed game.
Latency is being looked into. They are really trying to solve it before live. There’s a thread here that if you’re lagging you should post your ISP/Location in so they can sort out who is having issues and why. (Alpha only)
Custom music in the game is awesome.
Alpha databases are getting saved and using those exact servers for open beta/release.
Alpha servers will be taken down a little BEFORE open beta.
Open beta build will be same build as launch. This means if the Archeum fix is going to happen, it’ll be on Open Beta.
Auroria will be closed in Open Beta/Launch so guilds don’t take all the castles before some others are prepared.
Auroria will be “turned on” on an acceptable time for your time zone, so it won’t open at 2AM.
They are talking to XLGames about Archeum, they keep supplying them with Gameplay data continuously and they are confident the rates can be adjusted to satisfy the community.
Marketplace will be open for headstart.
APEX should be available for open beta for testing. (Might be updated a day or two into Open Beta to make it available.)
All credits and APEX will be refunded at headstart.
Looping download issue SHOULD be fixed, if not please post in their tech forum and include your logs!
Contest was extremely popular for CBT3. A video of all the entries are here.
The closer we get to launch, the less time we have on alpha obviously. Archeum might not be worth it any longer, but Gold is because dat glider. But ultimately it’s up to you what you value.
Land shouldn’t be a problem, at first most land will be filled but it’ll decrease as taxes aren’t paid.
When alpha goes down, it’ll be down for a while until they need a test environment, probably for 1.7 patch.
You start with 2 character slots on the account, maximum is 4 characters per server, 6 characters total on the account.
Auction server is stressed, keeps breaking. 4 Servers per auction house grouping. They’ll list which 4 servers are in each group so you can know who you’re trading with.
Servers name on beta are the launch server names!
More servers will be added for Open Beta and launch, so more server names will be added!
Illegal farms don’t exist, “Off the grid” farms is the correct term.
Guard your unprotected farms! Uprooting is apart of the game. =P
Snowlion from store is getting nerfed. =( Speed is getting nerfed.
Glider from the silver pack is better then the normal glider you get in game.
PAX is next weekend, announcement to be had at that event.
Trion is having their own party, you don’t need a PAX ticket to attend. More info is here
Upgrading from Silver to Gold isn’t available, upgrading to Archeum is still possible.
Healer quest rewards is noted, they’re compiling the feedback to see if there’s any trend they can work with. KR didn’t need healer weapons in 1.2, but we do. They know this.
GM in archeage is hiring. Please go to their career page to apply for GM/Customer Support.
Can you buy credits with steam wallet? Currently not at the moment, definitely not for launch but they’ll revisit the topic later in the games lifetime.
Consumables in arena are annoying in arena, they understand it is annoying. They are currently taking feedback from this topic seriously and would love if you could post in the appropriate forums to help them out! If you’ve already posted on the forums, they’ve most likely read it. Thanks!
Regrade charms are there for feedback. If you think it’s an issue they are also taking this seriously. Please post all the feedback on the forums! It’s a pretty big item, please report your feedback on the forums.
APEX is only purchasable with REAL MONEY, not credits.
Loyalty points will be fully reset along with the characters at headstart.
Labor points is obviously a popular topic. Probably biggest topic to be debated. Talking to XL about it, it’s a joint decision on this issue. Labor is a lot more complicated then most realize. If there is an adjustment, it’ll have to be a “gentle adjustment”.
Mounts disappearing from hotbars HAS NOT been reported on the forums! Please report it on the forums.
Arhceum once again is a “very important topic to them” and once again they are trying to get a fix for it!
Glider on Twitter is the PAX glider.
Announcement at PAX will be on the website within the hour! Chances are you’ll see it here first anyway.
PAX schedule is mostly press during the day, evening from 7PM to 10PM is the party with the announcement.
Small 1.7 content is trying to get bumped into our 1.2 patch, obviously large content will stay for 1.7 release but stores and other things (probably crafting) is trying to get implemented in our patch.
Whatever happens in KR will happen in our game after translation obviously.
Eu prices in the store are “more” because they are obligated by law to include VAT. In the US we need to pay the tax at the end of sales, comes out to the main price.
There will be enough time after releasing new server names so you can plan what server you want to play on.
They do NOT want to sell Best in Slot items in the store, they want to nerf any stats for those items in KR that are best in slot and then add them to the store. (Dolphins, bear, etc.)
Pricing for patron… look at Rift.
Windscour is an issue and they really want it fixed. It’s not an issue with the game, it’s with the configuration of the servers.
Scapes has to eat hot peppers.
If you are in beta, don’t try to log into alpha -___-.
If you’re having problems logging into alpha, post it on the forums or contact live support.
Invert Mouse and Borderless windowed is still trying to get into the game.
Other things are a priority for launch other then windowed and invert mouse but they want it in there.
Will we have ample time for notification of launch? They’re trying to give as much time as they can.
Guy on rift stayed up 3 days straight at launch to get level 50.
Phoenix glider is the same stats as the ones in the store.
Labor Potion cooldowns is a technical issue and XLGames is aware of the problem.
Archeage translating into spanish isn’t a priority. English, French, Germany.
Character Transfers, probably after release. Not at launch.
XLGames is working on additional tools, including transfers, but it won’t come until after launch.
They’ll have rollback software for your characters if anything happens. It’s a snapshot once a day of your character.
Scapes loves Acronyms. He’s addicted.
Jobs on the site has a lot of details, if you’re interested please check it out.


Sounds like we should take all the castles before some others are prepared.


no castles for us we are going pirate aka cant have one


What about those of us in the guild who don’t want to be pirates ? I want to be able to go into town…not get killed by everything I see because I’m a pirate. There is so much of the game that will not be able to be played if you go pirate. Are there any plans for those of us not wanting the pirate/banished game play?


I never said you cant get in town. 4 areas. 2 faction - auroria - pirate island. we get access to auroria and our pirate island. We got crafters a town and everything we need. We are as cut off as the factions from the pirate areas. Also you are not banned from the faction lands. You ll just be attacked by everyone. Strats which will be our first guild will be a land based one for those who don’t want to be pirates and it will serve as recruitment on land and as a transitioning platform for those going to our pirate guild.

edit: to clarify further. the castle system is not really solid and is a pain right now. this game is sandbox and our efforts with the archage guild will be put towards piracy, creating a pirate alliance and raids on faction lands/raiding routes. We cannot guarantee end game raiding content for this game doesn’t provide the content for it. Its a pvp game and piracy is what gives us constant open world pvp at all times. Same play, battlegrounds and raiding wow/wildstar style are not an option here.