ArcheAge closed beta is now live




Our second Closed Beta Event, Setting Sail, is underway, running now through 10am PDT Monday, August 4.

Log in now and experience everything ArcheAge has to offer! Discover a great place for an ambush, establish a secret trade route, or explore any of countless other opportunities to make Nuia and Haranya your virtual home.

If you have any questions about the beta, visit the FAQ, and if you have feedback for us please let us know on the Forums.

Still Need to Download? Get the Glyph client, log in, select ArcheAge, and choose Beta from the upper-right drop menu.

Invite Your Friends! ArcheAge Founder’s Packs are now available for gifting! Give your friends or family the gift of awesome Founder’s Pack bonuses and perks today.


do we have a server home yet? i logged in real quick and created a character and leveled to 6, but really only had like a half hour to play last night. i plan on getting a few hours in tonight.

is anyone else in the closed beta?


I’m in the beta but I don’t have time to play much this weekend. If you want to pick a server, go for it. I’m working on having keys for all of us before the next beta.


I wanna play this game so bad :frowning:






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