Archeage DDoS

I’ll never understand the current culture of “let’s annoy our own people.”

Is ArcheAge wronging anyone?

In my day of #b4b0, efnet, and BBSes, we didn’t fuck with people just trying to make a living.

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It happened with wildstar and it will happen with all major mmo releases. I guess they are trying to be cool kids.

Yeah it did. So dumb. They do it to PSN all the time too. Why not DDoS stormfront dot org (purposely not linked) or some hate group? I don’t get it.

Fixed that…

Yeah the current trend of “Get my lulz through causing issues” will last a while more. Until people kill the very thing they want and then turn around and say “Where is all the good content?!” and every dev ever says “We made it but you all shit on it. So we turned to other means of income.”

This , and the “swatting” trend are not cool. If you’re not familiar, Swatting is when you have a livestreamer who gets doxxed, and then a fake phone call is placed stating that something serious is going on at the streamers house, and a SWAT team is dispatched to deal with someone playing games at a computer. Its happened to quite a few speesrunners that I follow personally.