ArcheAge Head Start Problems and Victories

As we all know, the head start began yesterday at 1pm est time and since the start there are a few issues that potentially really sucks.

  • Every single bit of land has already been grabbed. Because the
    founders pack came with chests that gave guilda stars, everyone
    bought basic houses and grabbed EVERY single plot in the game except
    for Auroria which is locked to all players right now. This is
    extremely aggravating because people would just open the chests and
    then use their gliders to skip over everything and claim land.
  • Trolls seem to be enjoying themselves: because of the rule that
    whoever hits a monster first gets counted with the kill I have run
    into a few groups of people who would just sit at quest boss mobs and
    just attack them first so no one else would get credit. I’m sure
    these people have probably quieted down already but this mechanic
    will be infuriating for you no matter what with even just small mobs.
  • Low levels are covering zones way ahead of their levels begging
    people to help them. Honestly this is just annoying to see, we
    understand you want to go fast through the game but just get your
    levels the same way everyone else does.
  • Queue times: for us this isn’t too bad, the most I heard for a queue
    time for our server was about 20 minutes, the other servers were in
    hour+ queues so we cant complain too much here.

Now enough about the negative, what are the good things?

  • Well they balanced labor a little bit and decreased the labor cost for a lot of different activities as well as eliminating it entirely for other things.
  • The game is still fun as hell. Simple enough.
  • If you get into one of the large raids that is running an area you can finish exponentially faster and level up much quicker than in beta or alpha.
  • They also removed a few different quests that I remember from beta, not a huge amount of decreases but I noticed at least four, two I remember were a little tedious.
  • IRONFIST is fisting no more. I’ve not seen heads or tails of them but there are a few other new guilds that popped up, most of which seem like pretty good guys, I haven’t had any problems yet.

Well that is my one day roundup. As of right now the servers are down due to there being issues with the authenticating server but I’ll be playing the moment they get put back online so feel free to shoot me a message (I’m almost level 30 to do that mentoring quest for the dungeon btw). Username: DRACO.

-Emperor out

Edit 1: It looks like we got extremely lucky with our server not even counting the population amount. Looking at the subreddit, I’ve seen a few things come up where Salphira has demonstrated a great player base this was done in Salphira wwith hardly any issues after the initial start of getting a line. Sucks that there has to be a line but I’m glad we are all fair enough. Sidenote: If you see someone named Jacobs, he is apparently on a multi-guild hitlist and blacklist for cutting the lines.


I was gonna ask if you could get land or not, the reddit is kinda scary atm.

Once I log in, I’m pretty sure I have 50 guilda stars, I’m gonna go to one of the zones that is limited to medium to large size housing and see if I can’t grab something. It is possible that the more expensive places aren’t entirely full yet.

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Great job on the Day One Wrap-Up. I’m glad to hear the labor was tweaked.

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We didnt choose the server randomly:D We went through all the sites looking for who goes were and avoided the major guilds. Salphira was highly praised on reddit in cb2-3-4 so it was the obvious choice. Great report draco +1

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Good to go! When I can get in I’ll grind up and try to find a plot near yours

Alright folks, the first farmhouse is now being built. The resource cost is heavy though so I’m gonna need everyone’s help on this so we can get it going. The good news is there are workbenches right next to it so the walking distance with any tradepacks is about 20 feet. It is in KARKASSE HIGHLANDS, the first farmhouse on the left that is on the ridge once you cross the bridge. Ill post screenshots of where a bit later for you folks.


Server is backup up. Queue times are high, about 5-10 minutes.

Were queues only so “high” around other MMO releases :wink:

Serves were down for hours this morning. Ques were at 1h for our server and up to 4h on others. By more it should have been fixed. So yeah 10 minutes is high.

You must have forgotten how bad W* queues were when it started. They were at least that bad, especially those poor bastards on the PvP servers. GW2 had multi-hour queues as well :wink:

Yeah the pvp servers…what a nightmare

Found a place to get a metric ton of wood. Need help harvesting before it either gets camped or shut down. Have about 100 wood so far.

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Going to be home in about an hour and a half and ill help.We need all hands on board for this. I am going to be all night long online till I get us another farmhouse as well if you guys want join in.

Well folks there is a fire in my dorm so it might be a little bit before I start playing again tonight :confused:

Well don’t start fires damn it

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Some asshole had been smoking in the trash room and threw his butt in the trash and it lit the trash on fire… I hate people so much

Wow, it’s not even cold yet


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Game is down this morning. I wanted to log in and harvest my trees and it says “The game is unavailable right now. Check the ArcheAge website and forums for more information!”.

Servers showed up earlier, but I couldn’t log on. Now ArchAge Status shows all servers down. There are no updates on Twitter or on the Forums.

ArcheAge Status Link


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