Archeage Masterplan!

Our plan for archeage is as follows:

Head start Day 1

Server: NA Salphira Faction: West

Guildmaster: @Majordomo
Officers: @Wheatums @Lithical
Elder Support: @tommy2118

Race is up to you but we suggest Elf for the swimming bonus if you are a minmaxer!

The guild will be up as soon as possible (within the first 2 hours of headstart) as such you need to be on mumble to get an invite. Try and group up! Questing together means faster leveling! If for whatever reason you cant get on mumble message @Majordomo , @Wheatums @Lithical or @tommy2118 on our forums for an invite! Make sure you include your game name!


If you are not a founder and will be joining us on the actual launch day the same principles apply for an invite.

The first two weeks:

Our goal in the beginning will be securing land, putting down houses and farms! Use your Gilda stars for housing blueprints. We will all help with supplies so if you have extra make sure to share! CONTACT leadership and be on mumble to find out where we will be putting down our houses!

The first month:

Getting 50, gearing up and getting our ships! Once we have a solid group at 50, 15-20 members,geared and with ships we will create our expeditionary force and set sail for pirate island. IT IS MANDATORY that you are 50 in order to go pirate with strats if you decide to do it early we will not be able to supports you. Make sure you keep your infamy low and avoid trolling others by saying what awesome pirates we are. Yes we will be but discretion is important! To gather infamy and turn pirate we already have a plan so don’t worry about it! When the time comes we will raise your infamy in no time!

As you all understand we need to keep some things from the public and as such if you need more info hop on mumble! for questions message @majordomo

Regards your benevolent pirate lord