Archeage New member Guide! +Crafting guild info

[NA][Trade-Mercenary] [PvP] [West] [Strats] On Enla realm

Welcome to Strats! You just made an account on the forums and are now a basic member of our community! So how do you join in us in game?

To join the Archage Strats Guild whisper:


Easiest way to join is to hop on mumble and ask for an invite!

How do i become a Strats full member?

First post an introduction in the Introductions Category!
If you have Steam, join the Steam Group.
Get on Mumble and say hello. Click here for the mumble info thread!
Pour yourself an adult beverage.
Browse, post, reply, like, star, make friends, join us on mumble and venture into our gaming world!

Welcome aboard!

Watch this video to get in the right mood then join us for legendary adventures!

Crafting Guide:

Need something build? Need an edge in PvP and need a new set of armor? Or maybe you just want a brand new fishing rod?

This thread is were you will find all that and more.



Majordomo 20000

Leather crafting:

Erku 15000
Zymora 15000

Thaimaishu (Wayward) - 1600

Madik 6500 - slowly gettin there

Dulinn Tier 2 foods


Wheatums - Profession lvl - not high enough

Physlabor - 30000


This is how it works!

Do your homework: (folio is your friend)

Decide which items you want crafted. Make sure you research that item and that you can afford the materials. Compare the proficiency requirement from the folio with that of the crafter’s listed above. If the proficiency matches then post here.

Etiquette and tips:

Make sure you spell the name of the item correctly. A crafter will respond to you should he be willing to undertake the task. He will require labor pots to cover the labor cost, the material for the item and a tip. Since you are getting the item at cost feel free to tip generously.

Leftover labor points from crafting can either be donated, be part of the creating fee which will be decided prior to the crafting process. If the leftover points are in the 600+ range then they can be bought out by the crafter based on the AH listing price. The most important parameter in all this is time. Pots are on a 12h CD and as such you must understand that no one crafter can cover the needs of the guild and at the same time enjoy the game. The responsibility lies with the crafter should he choose the job, he is to provide a date by which the item will be complete.


To add your name to the crafting list and to be able to offer your services effectively message me with your profession+proficiency level and labor you are willing to offer. Once you are added message me when your crafting skill levels up (At the 10000 intervals only). If you decide to add your name be advised that you must be willing to craft. This is not the i am cool cuz i is pro at leatherz thread. Make sure you don’t have a labor pot cd when you undertake a crafting job (or choose the date of delivery based on when it will not be on cd). Make sure you deliver on time and MAKE SURE your customer is aware of the extensive costs of crafting dat epic gear!


Looks fun, the graphics are kinda Morrowind like. So who all’s going in on this one?

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It’s free to play so it might be fun to check out.

i’m in the next beta. i’ll be checking it out for sure. starts tonight, too bad i won’t be able to get in until tomorrow most likely.

As long as it isn’t pay-to-win I’ll probably get some playtime on it somewhere down the line. I’ve got enough on my plate though that I’ll skip the betas and wait for y’all to tell us how awesome it is or isn’t.

Hi there guys I’m Zymora. I hope to be as much help to the guild as I can. hit me up anytime I’m willing to help most of the time

Looking to do Quest, Farm, Fishing, and help with what ever I can.
Long time gamer, Started way back When UO was the New thing.

Happy to have you. Get in it mumble and introduce yourself the guys will take care of you.

Hey all, just joined this evening. Wanted to drop in an say hello. I’ve played a lot of MMOs in the past and Archeage looks promising. Hoping to get into some serious PVP action. Cya around.

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Welcome welcome, check out the weekly newsletter. If you can, join us on Karkasse.

So, it’s awesome. Where u at bra?

Too busy trying to restore Light to The Traveler without getting behind in my classes; the struggle is real. I’ll swing through at some point and man a cannon for y’all in the future once you get that boat up :wink: