Archeage Officer positions are now open!

With today’s announcement of a release date we decided its time to prepare for launch day and a big part of that is logistics! We need three officers whose roles and responsibilities will be discussed and developed after selection.

I know for a fact there are hidden gems in our community and through conversing with you daily i am confident that we will staff Archeage with excellent officers!

Qualities an officer must possess:

The ability to communicate with our members respectfully and with tact.
Able to resolve conflict without abusing his or her role as officer.
Command skills. (setting up raid/party groups, to plan ahead and to successfully lead those groups)
Creativity and the Capability of creating content independently with out supervision!

No high horse or suppository stick given with the position. Not abusing your power while respecting the rights of our members is key to this position. As an officer you will have the opportunity to create content and be part of the decision making process of Strats in Archeage! If you feel capable and willing post here or send me a private message.


Great opportunity here people. If you think you have what it take put your name in. I echo @Majordomo ’ s thoughts that there are definitely some hidden gems in the community perfect for this opportunity.

Gongrats @wheatums Officer of Strats Archeage!


Gongrats @Lithical Officer of Strats Archeage


@Wheatums upon further thought, and @Majordomo’s observation that I’m gonna be playing this game a bunch anyways, if you still need another officer I’d be happy to help.


You’re awesome, thanks for stepping up!!

I’m willing to help in more of a strategic role. I can’t be counted on to be there every day because of my job. But I do work out of the house, so that helps. But thinking through how we go about coordinating or mid and long-term objectives would be a good role. I would need to take a lot of input from the experienced MMO players though, as I haven’t been a big MMO-er in the past.

We can also do somewhat of a council approach as well. We delegate certain tasks or level of responsibility to a group of people so we have a certain level of leadership coverage. Then we have periodic meetings to discuss strategy, resource management, membership issues, etc.

– Glock29