ArcheAge Officers meeting

Just a friendly reminder to all the archeage officers we have a meeting at 8 PM central time tonight. No pressure, but I do want to stress that I need most of my officers there as we have a lot to discuss.


im not gonna be able to make it sadly i got a birthday to go to in the morning and 8pm is like 4am for me i think :frowning:

I had work. I’ll talk to you today on mumble and you can catch me up.

I heard that no officers came to the meeting i know some of us had stuff that prevented us from coming to the meeting.
We should really start taking these abit more serious since we are trying to get more organised and stuff. so i am wondering when would be the best times for people to have meetings like this?

my best time would be a saturday at about 2-6pm central.

Please let us know below :smile:


Anytime, I’ll cast my vote with the majority.

I can be there any time before 9:00 Central

Part of taking them more seriously should include more warning time than the day of.

I’m sorry I wasn’t there, I was on the road.

Are we going to try for tonight?

Even if only 1 other person shows up, you should have a meeting and post the decisions from it. People will start coming if things are getting decided without their input.


Sorry, I was out of town.