ArcheAge Pirate Life



Hi Guys,

Forgive the complete blanket post and I have also read the ultimate guide to Piracy thread located here: The Ultimate Guide to Piracy!

But for not have been lucky to participate myself thus far I would like to reach out to current players and get a few questions answered.

Is It worth it ?
What additional stuff do you get as a pirate over a East or West faction? Is it Just purly the non standing loss for pking?

Is It Viable ?

Can you make enough cash through plunder to finance your game ? or is this a real uphill climb ?

Do pirates have a safezone around there shore for fishing ect or any safe zone at all?

What penaltys do pirates have for ganking other pirates ?

How good is the pirate island ? what are the best features of it ? ( never seen it so would appreicate screenies) and how big is it ?

Can pirate guilds raise castles ect like other guilds ?

Can Pirates still have houses ?

I mean the pirate life always has drawn me and in eve I spent 4 years with the restrictive gameplay as I love it so much however Id like to know what I plan on getting myself into


Check the guide and as i said over there I will try to add more info. I ll try to answer your questions tomorrow or at least find more info.

Is it worth it?

Yes and no. Its harder to be a pirate. Harder to raid if even possible. Everyone attacks you. NPC’s hate you. No penalty for killing another pirate. Yes on the houses.